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Time For Some Not So Good News, Canes Fans

The Canes are currently without one of their star defenders, and his status going forward is in limbo.

Jared Wickerham

Sorry to do this to you, Canes fans, but over the weekend we were informed that as of now, star line backer Eddie Johnson has a new position with the team.

Suspended indefinitely.

There have been rumors swirling about him possibly being in trouble, or getting in fights with team mates, but nothing was ever set in stone, so to speak. A source in the know passed along the official term for his situation, and would only say that he is being worked with by the staff to try and get him on the right path.

Obviously, if this situation does not clear up, and he does not get his head on straight, that throws a huge kink into the line backing corps for next year. Luckily, while they may not equal EJ's tenacity, the guys behind him are just as capable of filling his role. Whether it is Gaines, Kirby, Blue, Armbrister, or even newcomer Jermaine Grace, the depth is there to cover up a potential loss like Johnson.

When the rumors were swirling a few weeks back, there was a lot of talk from fans that regardless of what is going on, they staff HAS to look past it in order to keep Johnson on the team. Frankly, you can't do that. Not only does that open up the door for other kids to start breaking team rules because they know their talents will keep them in pads, but it completely undermines the system that Golden has put into place.

He does have varying levels of severity of course, like most coaches do. If its a minor thing, you get second and sometimes third chances, and your teammates help vote on that possibility. If it is something major, as was the case with Thomas Finnie, you are gone.

Eddie Johnson, if you'll remember, was suspended for at least one game last year for unknown reasons, but most speculated it was for something along the same lines as recent issues, which we have been told by other people has been fighting with teammates. He was already given his second, and possibly third chance. If he is on his fourth shot at this, he is on a very short leash. His loss would hurt, but if he just wont learn, then he has to go. Let's hope that between now and spring ball, he gets his life in check.