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Hurricanes Announce Spring Football Practice Schedule

Now that recruiting for 2013 has come and gone, it's time for the team and for fans to buckle down and move towards spring football. On Friday, the university release the schedule so fans can know when their team will be working.

Jared Wickerham

Friday has been a big day for the Canes already. First came the Eddie Johnson news, then the Blake James announcement, then the news that there were two good candidates interviewing for the RB coach position.

To follow all of that, the school released the schedule for spring football, providing fans plenty of dates to see their new team in action. Here's the full schedule:


*All non-scrimmage times subject to change

Saturday, March 2 – Practice 1 (9 a.m.)

Sunday, March 3 – Practice 2 (9 a.m.)

Tuesday, March 5 – Practice 3 (9 a.m.)

Thursday, March 7 – Practice 4 (9 a.m.)

Tuesday, March 19 – Practice 5 (9 a.m.)

Thursday, March 21 – Practice 6 (9 a.m.)

Saturday, March 23 – Scrimmage 1 (10 a.m.), Traz Powell

Tuesday, March 26 – Practice 8 (9 a.m.)

Thursday, March 28 – Practice 9 (9 a.m.)

Tuesday, April 2 – Practice (9 a.m.)

Thursday, April 4 – Practice 11 (9 a.m.)

Friday, April 5 – Scrimmage 2 (7 p.m.), Naples, Fla.

Tuesday, April 9 – Practice 13 (9 a.m.)

Thursday, April 11 – Practice 14 (9 a.m.)

Saturday, April 13 – Scrimmage 3/Spring Game (3 p.m.), Sun Life Stadium

We aren't that far away from starting to figure out how the 2013 team shakes out! Will Danny Dillard step out of his red shirt to become a contributor for the Canes? What's the status of Malcolm Lewis and Robert Lockhart? How about the new guys who are already enrolled? Just how good is Sandland?

All of these questions will be answered throughout the spring, and I, for one, cannot wait. You'll notice by perusing the schedule that Miami will again be holding a scrimmage at Traz Powell, which was a very popular event they started last year. Every high school coach or player that wants to come out and watch is invited to come, and last year they did. Golden knows what he's doing with this. He meets the coaches before the scrimmage, gets to know them, talks to them, and builds relationships. While he can't officially talk to any of the players, it's a very good way to get the Canes out there publicly, and since recruiting is all about perception, it's a smart move.

The Spring Game is of course what everyone is waiting on. That's when we finally get to see the results of the off season conditioning and practices come to fruition. Last year's was nothing spectacular, and this year's may not be as well, since the coaches tend to only run a set number of plays. However, it will be the fan's first chance to see players who red shirted last year, and the first real chance to see the new recruits who enrolled early in action.

March can't get here soon enough!