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Eddie Johnson Reportedly Leaves Miami

Star linebacker Eddie Johnson has reportedly not only left the team, but left school altogether. If he is in fact no longer enrolled at Miami, it's a big blow to the defense.


According to a report by the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson, star Miami linebacker Eddie Johnson has left the team, and is no longer enrolled in school. The story was confirmed by Brian London:

While it has not been officially confirmed by the University as of this point, all signs point to the story being true. Eddie Johnson had been suspended indefinitely, and was removed from the official roster. When asked about it, Coach Golden on numerous occasions said that it was up to EJ if he wanted to be back with the team.

There was talk that he was very unhappy about being suspended, so (if this is true) his leaving school should come as no surprise. The team will certainly miss his talents, but the situation at linebacker is a very bright one with guys like Kirby, Figueroa, and Grace to fill his spot.

We will keep you updated as the story progresses.