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State of the U Bracket Challenge: Sweet 16 Update

After one full weekend of tournament play, let’s take a look at the contenders going forwards in the bracket challenge.


First things first, big thanks to everybody who took part in the first ever State of the U bracket challenge. We got 75 entries overall, except 12 of you didn’t fill out a bracket, so we had 63 brackets overall.

Going in to the Sweet 16, 60 of us still have our national champion alive (special shout out to our man Brody Logan, who picked Butler. That went well), and of those 60, 44 of us have the Canes winning it all. Are we all blind homers? Absolutely. For the 16 people who did not pick Miami but still have champions alive, 5 people took Indiana, 5 people picked Louisville, 3 people picked Duke, 2 people picked Michigan State, and 1 loner took Kansas.

In terms of points earned so far, we have 6 people ranked in the top 10% of all ESPN entries, led by our current leader, manu12jan, who’s in the 98.8th percentile. Unfortunately for him, he picked UNC to reach the Final 4, and thus, has only a PPR of 1120, which doesn’t have him near the top.

What is PPR, you ask? PPR is points possible remaining (I think. If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me). PPR is the best measure to determine who will win the group. For instance, nick.miller.1993’s entry has only earned 400 points so far, which ranks him tied for 33rd in the group. However, Nick has a PPR of 1240, which is tied for the most in the group.

There are currently 10 people tied in terms of PPR. Of those 10, 8 picked Miami to win it all, 1 picked Louisville, and 1 picked Kansas.

Also, I’d just like to apologize to jonnyjonnydiaz. You see, on the first night of the tournament, he had every game correct with only one game remaining. I tweeted him to make sure it was actually him, because I planned to shout him out after the last game ended. Unfortunately, the last game was New Mexico – Harvard, and he had New Mexico in the Final 4. I take full responsibility for jinxing you. My bad, sir.

As for the writers of State of the U? None of us are doing so well. I’m currently ranked tied for 25th in the group with 410 points, and a PPR of 1080. Juan is tied for 41st with a score of 390, and a PPR of 1080. Jerry is tied for 58th, with 340 points and a PPR of 1040. Rainier is the only one of us who’s actually doing well, currently in 2nd place, with a PPR of 1200. Aaron, also known as APdirtybird, is in last, and I’m only mentioning him because he asked me not to. His bracket may make your eyes bleed, so I would advise not looking at it. And Brody Logan has a PPR of 120, and it is hilarious.

If I had to pick a favorite right now, I’d go with MagicCanes, as he’s sitting with 450 points and a PPR of 1240, which adds up to a final score of 1690. Everybody else with a PPR of 1240 is playing catch up, and needs to hope that some of MagicCanes’ picks fall flat