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¿Quien Eres Tu? ¡Marquette!

Miami Beach Sweet 16 pool party, Braun vs Uecker, Ultimate Bro-out, WHO YA GOT??

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Marquette Golden Eagles

25-8 (14-4 Big East)

Last meeting: Miami W 106-90 in 1989

Marquette is in the midst of a great program run this past decade. Ever since Tom "NO DAMMIT THEY ARE NOT HAIR PLUGS AND NO I DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH A FEMALE JIM HARBAUGH ONCE A MONTH THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE ARE YOU CRAZY??" Crean managed to recruit the steal of a lifetime in Dwayne Wade, this program has gone nowhere but up. First a Final Four appearance, knocking off one of those "unbeatable" Kentucky teams (had that upset in my bracket, natch), to parlaying said success into the Big East for the program, and the Indiana gig for Crean. And now Buzz Williams will dance all over your court, death threats be damned. Three straight Sweet 16s, eight straight tourney appearances, alum list of Wade, Doc Rivers, Steve Novak, and, uh, Travis Diener...they've come a long way since being that team that won that title that one year with that memorable coach, what was his name again? But hey, at least they had a damn basketball program those lean years!


Milwaukee, WI

I'm impressed, I always thought Marquette was located in their namesake town, somewhere less than 8 miles from the dreaded Upper Peninsula. We have an indirect love of all things Brewers here at SOTU, because of our boy Ryan Braun. (LALALALA can't hear you, technicality, IT'S A COLLECTIVELY BARGAINED LAW PEOPLE!!!)


7:15 EDT

TV: CBS - Broadcast team: Verne Lundquist, Bill Raftery, Rachel Nichols

Radio: 560 WQAM

This whole basketball tourney thing is kinda fun for tv watching, eh gents? No scrambling to check which Bama-Bangs wearing, anti-Canes hollering, Raycom affiliate will be broadcasting this week's game. It's the little things.


Blue and Gold. Might be in the minority here, but I LOVE the horizontal/vertical combo stripes on Marquette's basketball jerseys, especially with the gold base.


Verizon Center

Washington, D.C. (Chinatown neighborhood)

Smack dab in the middle of the nation's capitol, there is surprisingly lots of parking available at non-astronomical prices. Yeah, that's about all I've got; never been to Barry's hood.

¿Food and Nightlife?

Penn Quarter Sports Tavern

Excellent location directly south of the Verizon Center, this is the official meet up for the Canes D.C. alumni group.

Clyde's of Gallery Place

I've been told by some die-hard Syracuse fans well traveled in the North East Corridor this is the joint to imbibe in some refreshments while partaking in some friendly banter about Hall of Fame coaches with only three Final Fours in nearly 40 years. Wait, we're previewing Marquette still, right? Save that one for Saturday? Got it, sorry. Anyways, this place will probably be rocking all day long with too fat Hoosiers and "we built the Big East" entitled Orange fans. Bring your A game regarding sanction rebuttals.

¿Last Minute Ticket Grab?

Fat chance people, as Hurricane Sports sold out Monday morning. The forced double header purchase of Indiana vs Syracuse, and both fan bases within a drivable distance, you're paying top dollar to get in Thursday night. Cheapest currently $175 on Stub Hub.

¿All-Time Record?

Tied up 2-2. These two stalwarts of all things rubber bouncing last played in 1989, the year Crockett and Tubbs left the Biscayne Bay for good. A sad year indeed.

¿Impact Players?

To be honest, I haven't watched the Golden Eagles all that much this season, really only when drinking (read: too drunk to follow anything other than made baskets, but got damn all those Speedway Stouts were delicious!) with Syracuse friends. Head on over to Isaac's game preview if you came here looking for some in depth analysis of things actually done on the court.

¿You Tube Clip of Glory?

Even as a Pistons fan, I love Wade, so we'll play nice in this section.

And no, I didn't forget you guys won one of those golden plaque deals.

Lets have a great game, lots and lots of florescent shoes, and may all of the bogus out of bounds calls go in Miami's favor. GO CANES!