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10 Questions with Canes Hoops Recruit James Kelly

This JuCo standout has the Canes in his top 2 along with New Mexico, find out more about when he plans to commit and what he's looking for when he goes to the next level.


State of the U had the opportunity to ask Owens CC (Toledo, OH) standout forward James Kelly 10 questions about himself and his current recruitment. Kelly is having a terrific year averaging 18.4 points and 10.5 rebounds per game this season. Kelly recently broke the Owens Express career rebounding mark and is 3 blocks away from that record as well.

SOTU: When does your season end?

JK: Our season ends in about 3 weeks, depending on how far we go.

SOTU: What position do you think you'll play in at the next level?

JK: I think i will play the 3 or 4 (small or power forward)

SOTU: Different recruting sites have different measurements for you, what is your true height and weight?

JK: 6' 8" and 245 pounds

SOTU: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

JK: My strengths are making plays, my dribble drive with (to my) right, and scoring inside and out & playing defense. My weaknesses are driving to my left and my left hook.

SOTU: What are you looking for in a college and coaching staff?

JK: I'm Looking for a coach to push me when i feel like i cant be pushed more, because a coach that knows the ability of his player would push him to the peak where that player can be dominant. That's what I want to be, a dominant player in this league.

SOTU: Have you taken any official visits yet and if not when do you plan to?

JK: I have taken 2 official visits; St. Bonaventure and Louisiana Tech and a unofficial to Marshall.

SOTU: When do you think you'll decide on which college you want to sign with?

JK: I think i will make that decision pretty soon (about a week or 2)

SOTU: You have mentioned Miami is on top of your list, what makes you like them?

JK: Miami of course is a big school in the ACC and is making some great progress. The flow of the team and how they play I think I can fit right in and play into that atmosphere pretty well. However, the way the team is now and how many seniors that are going to leave and with me becoming a junior I think I can come in and be a leader and step up and help lead the team far. The coaching staff is really nice, I think the coaches really have a bond with the team to the point where they understand where the coaches are coming from and they know where the players are coming from.

SOTU: Does the fact that Miami graduates so many Seniors appeal to you for potential playing time?

JK; Very much, it means there will be spots to fill, however, with Miami graduating (so many) seniors I really think that it could really give me a chance to showcase my talent and my ability, love for the game of basketball and help lead the team to a championship in my next 2 years. Therefore, it gives any and everybody a chance to step up and fill those roles like Julian Gamble and McKinney-Jones, Durand Scott, Johnson and probably be as good or even better to put and keep Miami at the top of the rankings. The way i play i think that i could really work very well with Shane Larkin.

SOTU: What do you think of their success this year?

JK: With their success this year I think that they will go pretty far in the tournament, however that means that next year will be tough because we would have to work harder and harder to get back at this spot they are at now so we can be in the tournament again. I think that's what basketball is this year they set the bar high and next year its an opportunity for players to reach that and set the bar higher by getting farther than what this years Canes are doing.

Looks like Coach L may have uncovered another potential gem! Thanks to James for taking the time to speak with us and best wishes to him when taking the next step (a big one) in his life.