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Here Comes Senior Day! SOTU @ Media Day

After a bitter home loss to Georgia Tech on Wednesday, the 'Canes were out and about at Media Day.

Joel Auerbach

Trey McKinney-Jones, Julian Gamble, Kenny Kadji and Coach Larranaga appeared at Media Day. Due to technical difficulties, I wasn't able to get Kadji's interview on camera. It's worth seeing, especially the part when he reflected on how much his time as a Miami Hurricane meant to him and will mean to him throughout the rest of his life. I'll look for it, because there were a bunch of cameras rolling - and if anyone finds it - kindly send me the link!

TMJ discussed the 'Canes magical season, his journey to be an integral part of it, and remaining focused for Senior Day. Julian Gamble was up next. Gamble has evolved into one of the team's leaders. He was the lone 'Cane to appear at the post-game conference following the loss to GT. Gamble reflected on the season and the importance of taking it one game at a time. \ Finally, Coach L spoke. He too reflected on a great year and his fondness for the graduating seniors. Coach talked about re-harnessing the defensive intensity that propelled the 'Canes to a 14 game winning streak. Coach also broke down each of the 3 losses in the last 4 games.