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Miami Hurricanes Line Backer Gabe Terry Arrested For Marijuana Possession and Resisting Arrest

Canes line backer Gabe Terry was arrested today for felony possession of marijuana and non-violent resisting arrest. He was been indefinitely suspended from the team.


It's been a while since we have been able to say this, Canes fans, but one of our own has been arrested.

According to multiple Twitter sources, line backer Gabe Terry was arrested today and charged with felon weed possession, which means more than 20 grams, and resisting arrest. The resisting charge was listed as non-violent, which at this point I suppose is a bit of silver lining, but then again, FELONY.

The university made an official announcement that Terry is suspended indefinitely. This is likely a status change made while the legal process works itself out, but if the felony charge sticks, I would expect him to he removed from the team. This is not Terry's first issue, and repeat offenders are by default on a short leash.

Since some of you will likely wonder, yes, this helps an already thinned our LB corps. While Terry was not listed on the most recent depth chart, he was sure to factor into the rotation. This will only help cement the places of guys like Raphael Kirby and Alex Figeuroa, who were already going to be major players but will certainly be now. Also, with Devante Bond still coming in the fall, and AQM on his way as a hybrid guy, Terry will be able to be replaced.

UPDATE: Here is the official transcript of Terry's arrest.

We will bring you any more details as they become available.