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Miami Picks Up Committment From Former FSU DT Recruit Dalvon Stuckey

Stuckey committed to FSU as part of the 2012 class, but was not able to sign. On Wednesday, he tweeted out that he had instead committed to Miami and Coach Jethro Franklin.

Out of absolutely nowhere, 2012 DT Dalvon Stuckey claimed on his Facebook that he had given his committment to Miami and Coach Franklin. So, Welcome To The U, I guess?

This is absolutely a good pickup, since as we all know Miami is in some need of defensive line help, and Stuckey can play a bit. Is it a hugely impacting pickup? Maybe, maybe not. Stuckey will have to ply his trade this year in JUCO before making it to Miami, as well as ply his grades up. I don't care if that makes no sense. Study, young man. Of course, it's always good to get a guy that almost originally signed with FSU, right?

Here's some film on Stuckey:

He was a 6'3" 298 recruit in 2012, and was ranked a 4 star by 247 and a few others, and a 3 star overall. With the crop of DT's that we currently have, it's entirely possible that After a year in "boot camp" he will challenge for playing time immediately. While it has yet to be made official by Miami, it has been confirmed by multiple sources.