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UM Will Reportedly Grant QB Preston Dewey His Release

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Anytime a school brings in three quarterbacks in one season, there's always a chance that one of them will be the odd man out. Preston Dewey has reportedly become that QB, and will transfer.

Last year, Preston Dewey travelled with the Canes team to every game as the team's third string QB. This was mostly due to necessity, as outside of Morris and Williams, the team had two options, Dewey and fellow freshman Gray Crow. Crow wound up red shirting, because his skills needed honing. Dewey won the job because he had the mental side down, and his physical tools were good enough to be game ready if he were to be called into action.

Well, he will have his chance, it will just be somewhere else. As per the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson (@flasportsbuzz), UM will grant Dewey his release mutually.

We hear UM is granting quarterback Preston Dewey his release – a mutual decision because he was unlikely to play here. Gray Crowsurpassed him as the likely No. 3 in the past few months, and David Thompson and incoming Kevin Olsen likely would have, too.

ReadDewey came more here:

Dewey came in as a three star prospect, and was a bit of a work in progress from the start. He did come in with a bit of an advantage due to being coached in high school by Ty Detmer (yes, that one). He earned his role on the team last year, and even got a bit of PT in garbage time. However, the writing on the wall was always that if Crow picked up the mental side at all, he would easily surpass Dewey because of his advanced physical tools.

According to most reports out of spring ball, Crow was able to make up the ground and pass Dewey. Aside from that, with the Stephen Morris heir apparent coming in this year in Kevin Olsen, and Ryan Williams being the favorite for the backup job, Dewey was getting pushed further and further back. Add to that the growing list of QB's that Miami is pursuing for 2014, and it's easy to see why Dewey has come to this conclusion.

While it is not yet official, at least according to Miami, there's not a whole lot of alternative opinions to this. We at SOTU wish the absolute best of luck to Preston in his football and personal career. He is a great young man, and will find success wherever he goes.

UPDATE: It appears that Dewey will, in fact, stay at Miami. From what I am hearing, he was frustrated over reportedly being passed by Crow in spring drills (which, sidebar, is sort of silly. That is his thing to control), and another school inquired about his desire to transfer. Miami apparently let him at least chat with the other school, but in the end Preston decided Miami was the best place for him. So, for now, it appears that he will stay a Cane.