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Final: State of the U Bracket Challenge

After one of the most unpredictable tournaments in recent memory, it's time to crown the champion of the first annual State of the U Bracket Challenge.

Congrats to luciano.8!

His bracket was one of five in the group that picked the correct champion, the Louisville Cardinals. Much like the rest of us, he only got one Final 4 team right, and that was the Cardinals. That probably would have proved a lot more damaging if anybody else in the Top 5 picked more than one Final 4 team correct. Oh well. He also correctly predicted Iowa State over Notre Dame, Temple over NC State and Minnesota over UCLA in the first round, all of whom were lower seeds. What set his bracket apart from many others was that he correctly picked Michigan and Florida to reach the Elite 8, although he had Florida winning. Many people had Kansas or Georgetown, so those points that were earned there proved to be critical.

You can check out the complete final results HERE

To the 40+ of us that picked the Canes to win it all ... Maybe next year! Hopefully we have some additional SWAG to give away for next year's contest, and hopefully we can secure at least 100 participants.

Congrats again to our winner, and you should be hearing from our head man Lt. Philip Nolan in the near future about your new hat!