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Football Practice Notes 4.9.2013

Jelani Hamilton went down in practice during warm-ups with what appears to be a right knee injury. Rashawn Scott & Dallas Crawford have a great Spring.

Rashawn Scott is turning heads this Spring; Including coach Golden's
Rashawn Scott is turning heads this Spring; Including coach Golden's
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Spring football is winding down with Tuesday being practice #13. The Spring game takes place this Saturday, while players are trying to cram as much film as possible and avoid missed assignments. They try and continue to improve and impress their respective coaches.

There are a few players this Spring who are having no problem doing that. Rashawn Scott has drawn praise from Golden and the rest of the staff repeatedly. This past scrimmage in Naples appeared to be his best performance with what many recorded him having over 100 yards receiving friday night. Dallas Crawford has also put together a solid spring appearing to head into the fall as Duke's primary backup. That is until some talented freshman come in the fall and have something to say about that. As far as the other end of the spectrum, coach Golden was asked today about "leaders" who are not in black shirts (meaning starters on defense). He mentioned Denzel right away who has been in a green shirt all spring. Coach stated "Denzel needs to perform everyday like a black shirt. He is too inconsistent right now, we're working with him." Raphael Kirby has had the black jersey all spring and doesn't plan on giving it up anytime soon. It seems there is high levels of competition at nearly every position which can only make you smile as a hurricanes fan and trust me the coaches are smiling too.

I got a chance to speak to Seantrel Henderson today after practice who everyone around the team swears is taking full advantage of his Senior year at Miami. Seantrel used the analogy of a sand clock stating "I'm running out of sand". Also, coach Golden said "He is more mature, his house is in order and he is eliminating all distractions off the field". I didn't have the opportunity to speak to Seantrel in years past so I can't speak myself on this "transformation". But after being the #1 recruit in the nation coming out of high school reality can hit you rather fast when you graduate.

Lastly, Jelani Hamilton the Sophomore defensive lineman went down in practice today during warm-ups. Coach Golden said it happened while picking up a fumble, it was a non-contact injury. He mentioned he was concerned and that the parents were being notified with an MRI coming later.