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Former Miami Hurricanes QB Testaverde Inducted To CFB Hall Of Fame

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On Monday, the announcement was made by Miami that one of its most prestigious former players would be inducted into the college football Hall Of Fame.

Miami's presence in the College Football Hall Of Fame just got a huge boost. The University announced on Monday that former Canes Vinny Testaverde has been elected to the Hall.

Testaverde, who played at Miami from '83 to '86, is one of the school's two Hesiman Trophy winners (Toretta being the other), and is one of the more famous of the school's quarterbacks. You could of course argue that Jim Kelly, Gino, or Kosar would be up there, but you could not really go wrong with any of them. Granted, many fans would put Vinny towards the bottom of that list because of his horrible game against PSU, but then again, he's a big reason why they were in that game to begin with.

Vinny absolutely deserve to be inducted into the HOF, and it has been a long time coming. He joins a long list of Miami players and coaches already in the Hall:

Bennie Blades (Safety)
Don Bosseler (Fullback)
Andy Gustafson (Coach,VT/UM)
Jack Harding (Coach, Scranton/UM)
Ted Hendricks (Defensive End)
Jimmy Johnson (Coach, UM/OkSt)
Russell Maryland (Defensive Tackle)
Gino Torretta (Quarterback)
Arnold Tucker (Quarterback, UM/Army)
With the addition of Vinny, Miami has 10 total. It's a fantastic honor to be inducted, and there will sure to be more former Canes enshrined in the future.
Congrats, Vinny!

*Note: Jerome Brown was also nominated by Miami, but only Testaverde was inducted. Jerome will have his day. He's the boss.