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Blast from the Past: Donnavan Kirk transfers back to UM.

The 6'9 225 pound forward will be eligible immediately, and provide much needed depth to the 'Canes front court.

Kirk shows off his defensive prowess
Kirk shows off his defensive prowess

Donnavan Kirk, who began his career at UM 4 years ago before transferring to Depaul, is reportedly transferring back for his redshirt senior season. As a graduate student he will be available to play this season.

Kirk, who topped the Blue Demons with 50 blocks last year, can also stretch the defense from deep, knocking down 38.7% of his threes last season. He finished with 6.2 ppg and 3.9 rpg in just over 25 minutes a contest. Kirk is also nicknamed "Pogo" for his quick leaping ability.

"I am a lot stronger than when I came in to Miami as a freshman," Kirk said. "My body is better. I am more intelligent. I have learned so much about the game. I am a better shot blocker and a better shooter.

"I made a lot of strides in my game at DePaul. But I still have a lot of strides to make."

Our take: Kirk kind of reminds me of a poor man's Kenny Kadji. He's a versatile scorer, with good length, and a pretty decent defender on the wing or down low. Miami will likely need as many minutes as he can provide, given their front court depth is suspect. He can spell Tonye Jekiri on the block, as well as share minutes with the combination of Erik Swoope, Raphael Akpejori, and James Kelly at the 4. But let's be honest here, unlike Kadji, it would be a shock if Kirk played at an ALL ACC level. His first stint with UM was beleaguered with injuries and inconsistency. It was not until this past season that he played major minutes for DePaul. Nonetheless considering he is eligible this season, and has just one year remaining, he is well worth the risk. With Demetrius Henry having snubbed UM, this is not the worst Plan B out there. Perhaps Coach Larranaga can work his magic and get the most prolific Donnovan Kirk possible?