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State of the U catches up with UM Legend Najeh Davenport.

As a key member of the greatest college football team ever, Najeh Davenport was a versatile blocker, receiver, runner, and most of all a leader. Off the field Davenport is equally adept at handling many responsibilities, as he prepares to bring 'Canes fans, "The U Reloaded."

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

We caught up with Najeh, and asked him the following:

SOTU: So we hear you are not only narrating "The U Reloaded" but also producing and directing. How does that compare with your days on the field?

ND: I’m actually not narrating, but we’re doing everything else! It’s a lot harder than I expected. With football you deal with the unexpected, but some of the things me and my business partner Platon Alexandrakis are dealing with, brings it to a whole different level.

SOTU: Can you tell us a little bit about how you became a part of the project? Additionally for those who want to make a contribution, how can they help?

ND: I started out doing the Tale of 5 which focused on the great string of RBs The U had during my time. But that fell through. The trailer was awesome, though. I asked Platon, founder of, to do the interviews for me while I filmed everything. But after everything fell through, I reached out to him again to join me on this project. We threw some ideas together and gave it a shot.

As far as fans contributing we set up a kick-starter page that lets you donate to the project. The thing I feel people in general do not realize, is once they donate, its not collected until July 1. I believe potential contributors do not donate for this particular reason. Additionally, if we don’t get at least $36,000 in donations, we don’t get any of the funds donated at all.

Link to page:

SOTU: When is "The U Reloaded" scheduled for release?

ND: We wanted to release it the week of the 2013 UM-UF game, but we may have to push it back due to licensing issues. These same issues are directly affecting the platform in which we plan to release it on. So release date TBD.

SOTU: Who is your all time favorite teammate and why?

ND: Dan Morgan, because no matter what was stacked up against him, he just worked that much harder.

SOTU: What is your greatest memory of your days at the U?

ND: The week of the UCLA game (1998), its raining bad and practice is being cut short every other day. And one day we are running inside because of the weather. And on the way in Coach Davis just dives head first into this puddle of water, like a slip and slide!! And then the whole team does it!!

SOTU: Let's do a little word association, what's the first thing that comes to mind (in 3 words or less) when I say:


Ken Dorsey: Field general
Ed Reed: Heart
2001 Miami Hurricanes: First name Greatest, last name Ever
The Orange Bowl: Home
FSU: Suckers
Butch Davis: Best Coach
Swag: Lifestyle

SOTU: What is your opinion on the 2013 Miami Hurricanes?

ND: One off season of work away from making it back to glory.

SOTU: If you could give a message 'Canes fans out there, what would it be?

ND: You want your Canes back on top? Help me get this documentary made so the recruits coming in now learn what it takes to be a true Miami Hurricane.