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Path of the Storm: The ACC Links

The purpose of this post will be to bring attention to some of the developments of our foes around the ACC along with rivals and top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include please post the source in the comments section.

Mike Ehrmann

Path of the Storm: Just one of the many pointless articles you'll read today, the rest are inserted in links for your convenience below.


Florida State's Greg Dent arrested for alleged sexual assault charges, being as bad of a story Dent's is, it still puzzles me how Notre Dame was able to flee from their own accusations.

Also, how Dent's departure may impact the Seminole's offense.


Heather Dinich is back.. to question Phil Steele. I hate to pick sides here but Phil you're drunk, go home.

Figatron makes an appearance on Heather's watch list.

Our old fogies to the north take a look at ACC recruiting numbers.

The ACC is reeling in some fairly respectful dough, with the new additions and coming playoffs you can only expect those numbers to continue its generous tilt. As far as basketball goes it will be unparalleled, and that's just awesome.

Howard's rock at Clemson was vandalized, bad timing as there were quite a few recruits in town.

Virgina Tech's RB Micheal Holmes has his Jerry Springer-esque charges reduced.


    The guys over at Football Study Hall assess the early polls.

    List of early odds of noteworthy SEC games may provide a glimpse of how the ACC stocks up against our SEC rivals.

    The Florida Gators take a major hit after their Sugar Bowl loss to Louisville.

    Athlon Sports gives Sun Life a dismal 11th spot amongst rankings of the ACC football venues. If this makes you angry, and it should, go to a game and yell about it there.

    This week the poll gets a little serious, how serious you ask? As serious as a poll for copied and pasted links that were made up by a slightly delirious so-called writer can get.


    Time to cast your ballot.