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State of the U Catches Up with QB Commit Brad Kaaya

Everyone knows that Miami is "QB U." With Stephen Morris entering his senior campaign, UM fans are anxiously awaiting the next big time signal caller. Brad Kaaya hopes to be the next guy who leads the 'Canes to the promised land via his wits and big time right arm.

Student Sports

Here's what we asked the 6'4 213 pound pro style QB from West Hills, CA:

SOTU: First and foremost, what are the biggest reasons you decided to declare to UM?

BK: UM's always been a school that I've been a big fan of. I never had any idea that they'd recruit California, but luckily I came in contact with Coach Coley and from their I really started doing my homework on the U. Everything about the school and the city of Miami fits me and I couldn't ask for a better place to fulfill my athletic, academic, and social needs. My mother told me when she visited on campus, "This place is so your style."

SOTU: How big of a factor was Coach Golden in your decision? What are your impressions of Coach?

BK: Coach Golden definitely played a factor in my decision. Just by looking at the way he's handled all of these inherited problems with the NCAA, let me know he is a guy that's going to always be in it for the team, and he is going to look out for his program. Coach Golden as well as the entire staff also stuck out to me as one of the most genuine groups of coaches I've met during this process. I went on a lot of visits to other schools before I committed so that I could compare. I didn't really come across other coaches as genuine and as straight forward as Coach Golden. The only other two that I thought compared with Golden are Coach Gundy at Oklahoma St. And Coach Graham at ASU.

SOTU: On a 1-10 how firm would you say you are committed? Do you plan any more visits going forward?

BK: On a scale of 1-10 it would be an 11! I'm firmly committed and I have no intent of going anywhere else. I made sure I visited a lot of schools before committing just so that I knew I was making a concrete decision and so that I wouldn't speculate about another school after committing. I'm happy to say that I will forever be a part of the Hurricane family.

SOTU: Is there a current or former player (college or pros) you model your game after? Do you have an all time favorite Hurricane?

BK: I'd say I definitely model my game after Peyton Manning. Just his situational awareness and the way he is always somehow 1 step ahead of the defense. I always try to do some of the things Manning does, stuff like giving my left wide out a dummy signal before I hand the ball off to the right. Just anyway to play ahead of the defense. When you're on the field with 21 other guys that are bigger, faster and stronger than you, as a QB you have to find a way to have the advantage, and that advantage is what you do with your mind.

My all time favorite Hurricane is Ken Dorsey and I'm sure you know why.

SOTU: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

BK: I'd say my biggest strength is that I'm always situationally aware on the field. I guess kind of like a second coach to my offense. I'm not afraid to change a play, or call a certain protection. Hey, if it goes wrong and I get yelled at, that's my fault, but if I walk up to the line and a play is doomed from the start, I'm changing it without a doubt. I guess it all goes with how you study and prepare going into a game week. I'm a guy that takes pride in preparation. I constantly watch film of defense that I'm going to face. I'm a guy that's not going to make a mistake due to lack of preparation. Going into a game clearly knowing the tendencies of the other team definetly gives you an advantage as a quarterback. Even if it's recognizing subtle giveaways, like when a CB plays with his gloves or roles his hands he's going to play man up or maybe a strong safety might off set his alignment when he's rolling down to the flat or buzzing to the curl on a cover 3 look. Recognizing defensive tendencies is definitely a strength I pride myself on. When you can anticipate exactly what the defense is going to do, the game slows down.

SOTU: Can you tell us a little bit about what you are like off the field? What do you plan to study at UM?

BK: Off the field I'm usually with my teammates, those guys are like family. I'm usually the one that makes the plans.

I haven't decided exactly what to study yet at UM, I've always had a major interest in energy mainly due to the fact that energy is something the world will always need, whether it be oil and nuclear power now or wind and solar energy in the future, energy will always be prevalent.

SOTU: Finally, What message would you give to all the 'Canes fans out there?

BK: I truly believe there is no family that compares to the Cane family, I appreciate the love that's been given. Just know that there's no one out there that wants victory for the Canes as much as I do, and I'm going to work as hard as I can to do so.

Thanks again to Brad for letting us catch up to him. We certainly look forward to the start of his 'Canes career!!

Finally, some highlights of BK in action: