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Daily Drizzle (June 14th, 2013)

Day 2 of the NCAA hearing and other news that involves all the Canes programs/alumni from around the Nation.

Joel Auerbach

Former UM Coaches Aubrey Hill and Clint Hurtt have concluded their interviews with the NCAA []_[] Miami Herald

If you want twitter updates on the Case I highly recommend Manny Navarro. He's currently down in Indianapolis and he's been able to sneak a few sound bites from those involved.

More Day 2 Proceedings of the Court Case []_[] ACC Sports Journal

The link is an overall review of what happened today and yesterday..

UM and the Defensive Tackles they've recruited and the results []_[] B/R

This is a pretty interesting read but a bit misleading.. In it the author discusses how UM has essentially gone "oh-fer" on DT's when recruiting the last 4 years. I agree with that. However, he goes on to discuss the redshirt freshmen and sophomores and how they haven't contributed. Now, I understand his point but the fact that they've only been playing for a year or two is why I disagree with the logic that UM "whiffed" on them. Let's give the guys time to develop!!

Three Canes are on the CFPA Official Watch List []_[] University of Miami Official Homepage for Sports

The three on the list are Stephen Morris, Duke Johnson and Clive Walford (??!!!). From what i've gathered, it's based on statistics and progression from last years numbers. I guess the computers think Clive will continue his late season success. We can only hope!!

Stay classy Canes Fans!

- NoVA