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Daily Drizzle (June 21st, 2013)

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This section is dedicated to those fans who want to keep as up to date as possible on our Canes. Whatever sport, whatever news topic, If I can find it, I'll post it for your enjoyment. GO CANES!


Duke and UM lead in returning starters along the offensive line []_[] ESPN Blog

Duke has the most total starts by their O line at 100 while UM has 97. Not too shabby!

ACC Road Trip: Week 4 []_[] ESPN Blog

UM plays Savannah State which is hopefully a snoozer. I'd elect to go to the WVU v. UMD game. Could be an upset in favor of the ACC!

Khairi Clark Top 6 []_[] B/R

This is a potential prospect who many believe will sign with the Canes (we can only hope) but none the less this is a write up by the Notre Dame fan site..

Raiders History: Ted Hendricks []_[] "Just Blog Baby" (Raiders SI Blog)

A nice write up was given to us by our fellow Raiders writers on their SI site for one of our alumni, Ted Hendricks.

Have a good fridat Canes fans and of course, stay classy!

- NoVA