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Slight Setback, Deandre Burnett has a broken collarbone.

Incoming freshman G Deandre Burnett will not be taking any shots this summer, but should be back in time for Midnight Madness.

Coach L hopes Burnett recovers quickly.
Coach L hopes Burnett recovers quickly.

The University of Miami has confirmed that Burnett sustained a broken collarbone. No timetable was given for his return.

More details to come when available.

Our Take: Most players who sustain a broken collarbone return to action in about 8 weeks. LA Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke did it just over a month. So there is no need to panic. It is disappointing that he will not get to work out in the summer, but he certainly should be ok for the start of the season. Miami, depending on whether or not KSU transfer Angel Rodriguez receives a waiver for immediate eligibility, may need Burnett to run some point. They certainly will need some of his scoring. Here's hoping he gets back to action sooner then later. Get well Deandre!!

Why Miami is eager to get this kid on the floor: