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Path of the Storm: The ACC Links

Just one of the many pointless articles you'll read today, the rest are inserted below for your convenience.

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Joe Raedle

The purpose of this segment is to bring attention to the developments of our foes around the Atlantic Coast Conference, they're accompanied by appearances from our rivals and other top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include, please post the source in the comments section.


Update on Howard's Rock: Video of the neckreds who got silly with Howard.

UPDATE: Clemson police announce Howard's Rock vandal arrested.
NOTE: Howard's Rock vandal apparently a Clemson fan. Howard's Rock fragment could potentially be reattached, says Clemson AD Dan Radakovich.

Current Seminole and former Nittany Lion tight end, Kevin Haplea, suffered a season ending knee injury.

Georgia Tech is buzzing with commits, lands their 8th for June. Buzz, buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I hate the option.

Hokies go drag. Tech hopes their new addition of OC Scot Loeffler, O-Line coach Jeff Grimes, and WR's coach Aaron Moorehead can cause a transformation for the offense.

ACC inks 6-year deal with Big Ten in the Pinstripe Bowl. Also, Yankees interested in hosting playoff semifinal or possible championship game.

It's our anniversary, hope the ACC got us something nice. Maybe we'll put out this year, no bowl ban for you big daddy Swofford.

ACC vs SEC chatter.

ACC tied with Pac-12 in NBA draft picks, the conferences each had 7 selections.

Thank Brennan Carroll for not using "Yahtzee" or "Boooom!" Honestly, if I were a recruit it would be hard for me to take a coach that screams "Yahtzee" seriously. #WelcomeToTheU


Top uniform changes around the FBS.

Oregon, I'm jealous. Oregon Ducks on 3 years probation, loss of 1 scholarship for 2 years, NCAA says Chip Kelly failed to monitor program.

Big 12 is lacking when it comes to non conference scheduling.

Selection committee search is racing at breakneck speeds.

Football Study Hall breaks down the effects of the 2012 NCAA kickoff rule change.

Florida Gators LB, Antonio Morrison, was given deferral on battery charge. **cough, cough** bullshit **cough, cough**

Hmm.. This is one of those topics you should never bring up for discussion. Unless you're feeling rumbumptious and would enjoy a kick to the mouth.

Like last week, this week's poll gives our readers another chance to sip the sweet nectar of ACC Haterade.

Being a rival doesn't necessarily constitute yearly meetings or storied tradition but it should foster one single and intensely devoted emotion: hate. I understand we took classes for this but it helps to vent, and face it, like most anger this is probably just directed at your mother anyway.

Enjoy the poll, your mother does.