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QB recruit Kevin Olsen Charged in single car accident

Kevin Olsen, the presumed QB of the Future for the Hurricanes, was charged for a recent one car crash

Kevin Olsen looks to pass at the Under Armour All-American Game.
Kevin Olsen looks to pass at the Under Armour All-American Game.

Earlier this afternoon, news broke that incoming QB Recruit Kevin Olsen (Wayne Hills, NJ) was charged with "Leaving the scene of a single car accident".

Olsen, the younger brother of former UM and current Carolina Pathers TE Greg Olsen, was also charged with "failure to report an accident and careless driving". There are reports from The Miami Herald and the Wayne Patch that provide further details of the incident.

Obviously, everyone wishes Kevin good health and a quick recovery from any physical maladies that may have resulted from this incident. Apart from that, questions now linger about the circumstances of the incident, and what legal ramifications there may be. Both stories linked above state that the younger Olsen "had blood on his face" and "appeared to be under the influence of something".

This story is still developing, and will be followed closely.

UPDATE: According to CBSSports (via the Sun Sentinel):

Per the Sun-Sentinel, Miami coach Al Golden appeared on local radio Wednesday and said he did not believe the situation to be serious.

"I'm confident, after haven spoken with Kevin and coach and looking at the facts of the case, this will be a non-issue moving forward," Golden said.

This is great news, although it could mean a couple of things. Either the facts of the story mean that Olsen was not under the influence, but perhaps woozy after hitting the tree (although he still would face a misdemeanor charge for the hit and run/leaving the scene), OR this situation will be handled, and whatever Kevin is dealing with will be taken care of going forward.

There have been rumblings, although mostly on message boards, that Kevin is dealing with some issues off the field that should be addressed, although there is absolutely zero substance behind those claims. This situation speaks of a kid that perhaps a bit too many after a graduation party or the like, and made a bad decision. Rest assured though, and this endorsement from Golden means not only is his Miami status absolutely safe, but that if he tried to pull this stuff while under Golden's watch it will be met with swift repercussions.