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State Of The U Mailbag: Look What We Can Do!

Introducing the SOTU Mailbag, an at-least-once-a-week feature where we accept questions for about an hour, and answer a handful of them in a fancy post. Join in, won't you?

Our readership is growing by the day, and we love that about you guys. You all are equally sexy, in, you know, your own way.

Ahem...anyway, since you guys have questions, and we like to think we have most of the answers (and don't worry, if we don't, we'll make some shit up that sounds about right), we've decided to introduce a weekly mailbag feature to the site. Here's how it works:

Step 1) Send your question to us via email at Not Twitter, not Facebook, email. Comprende?

Step 2) We, well..mostly Jerry and I, will sift through the questions, pick out the ones we like, and answer them in that week's post.

Step 3) In your email, include your twitter handle, SBN screen name, or whatever other name you'd like, as well as your location, so we can give you the shout out your question may or may not deserve.

Step 4) ??????????????

Step 5) PROFIT!!

That's about it. Pretty simple. We are aiming for this to be a Friday feature, starting NEXT FRIDAY, so send your questions in anytime you feel like it. We can't guarantee your questions will be answered, so don't be that guy and get all poopy in your diapers when you send one in and never see yourself in a post.

It happens.

It's not you, it's us.

We have an early meeting.

Maybe we left the oven on?