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Path of the Storm: The ACC Links

The purpose of this segment is to bring attention to the developments of our foes around the ACC, accompanied by appearances from our rivals and other top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include please post the source in the comments section.

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Who invited the little Irish man?
Who invited the little Irish man?

The path through the Atlantic Coast Conference is a winding road filled with plenty of potholes, Cracker Barrels, and inbreeding along the way. Thanks to this article you'll be able to grasp the ACC without having the disgust stain your precious mind. Now as we combine the excitement of highlighted links with the thrill of scrolling over them, please enjoy SOTU's Path of the Storm.


Second leading rusher for the Maryland Terrapins, Wes Brown, was arrested Wednesday.

UPDATE: After detectives had hoped to question Brown as a "person of interest" in a non fatal drive by shooting investigation, which resulted in Brown being charged with second-degree assault on the Baltimore detective, police have now linked Brown's vehicle to the incident.

    ACC signs deal with Military Bowl.

    Boston College recruiting game comes crawling from the shadows.

    Top prospects, defensive lineman Andrew Brown and safety Quin Blanding, discuss why they picked the Virginia Cavaliers over various other top programs.

    Could we not find a better representation for the ACC than Andrea Adelson. Harrumph.

    Paul Hornung released his preseason watch list which includes Duke Johnson along with five other members of the ACC.

    Good read on the situation that encompasses North Carolina.

    Virginia Tech's leading rusher, Michael Holmes, gets booted out of Blacksburg.


    Sweet Jesus, one of the pros of not being a Bama fan.

    Florida Gator quarterback, Jeff Driskel, signed with the Boston Red Sox.

    Sorry Sooners, Big 12. Oklahoma Sooners AD says he regrets missing out on adding the Louisville Cardinals.

    The University of South Florida dragged WR Chris Dunkley back from the depths.

    Florida Atlantic Owls running back Travis Jones has been removed from the teams roster along with wide receiver Chris Gilcrest and defensive back Adrian Burton.

    Psh, and to think I was mad when Butch Davis left to be miserable with the Cleveland Browns. DEATH PENALTY TO THE BOTH OF 'EM!

    SB Nation and Ticketmaster have partnered to take care of all your ticket needs.

    Now is the time we've all been waiting for, time to get up on that poll. So toss Jay-Z's 'Big Pimpin' on repeat, mama's got some bandz to earn.

    For the 2013 season Miami travels to only two states other than Florida for match ups against Duke, North Carolina and a trip to Pittsburgh to conclude our season. While the schedule also includes a visit to Doak Campbell, the Seminoles may not prove to be our toughest conference opponent in 2013. In your opinion, because we take each of you very seriously, which game do you see as the Hurricanes toughest road trip?