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Daily Drizzle (June 14th, 2013)

This section is dedicated to those fans who want to keep as up to date as possible on our Canes. Whatever sport, whatever news topic, If I can find it, I'll post it for your enjoyment. GO CANES!


Coach Morris is Back at 100% After Near Death Battle with Pneumonia []_[] Miami Herald

Glad to have you back Coach! In other baseball news, it looks like the 6 players who could have left early due to the MLB draft are either coming to Coral Gables (from Highschool) or staying with the team (could have left early).

Derrick Griffin to Enroll in Prep School and Be on UM Campus Come Next Winter []_[] Sen Sentinel

As has been reported previously, the WR/TE recruit looks to get the last part of his academics in order before setting foot on campus. He'll be able to contribute to the Basketball team but will be too late to join the Football squad. He looks to enroll close to the end of the first semester.

Stephen Morris and Shayon Green to Attend Media Day []_[]

Each player will help answer questions about the upcoming season when the ACC Media Day is held in North Carolina.

Soon-to-be 9th Grader Selects UM for Basketball []_[] Fox Sports

He hasn't even started Highschool yet and young D.J Russell says he's happy to worry about basketball and not recruiting.. In 9th grade.. No comment..

Have a good Sunday guys!

Stay classy Canes Fans!

- NoVA