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Class Cancelled: The 2010 Recruiting Cycle Review Part 1

A review of Head Coach Randy Shannon’s last class and how those players have produced in their 3 years on campus and the playing field.


2010-11 was a year of transition for the Canes. They were coming off a year where they had made it to an above average bowl game (Champs Sports Bowl) and were looking towards the following year with hope of a possible ten win season. However, due to a lack of execution and unmotivated players, Head Coach Randy Shannon lost the team mentally and in so doing, the season. This article will review the players in his last full recruiting class at UM and how they've contributed to the team since arriving on the field and on campus. As you will see, star systems don't necessarily dictate how good a player will turn out. It all comes down to a player's mentality, his opportunity to play and sometimes just flat out luck.

(Sr.) Seantrel Henderson, #1 Tackle and an ESPN 150 Recruit (*****)

Since setting foot on campus Seantrel Henderson has had an up and down ride. He came to UM as a heralded recruit who seemed to be ready to stay three years and move on to the NFL. College was just a formality at this point. Unfortunately for all parties, the college level has not been as smooth a transition for him as thought. He languished his first few years learning the ropes. Injuries , family issues and even a car accident have delayed ‘Trel's progression as a stud offensive tackle but towards the end of last year he seized his collegiate opportunity and has started to show flashes of brilliance. He was awarded All ACC Honorable Mention after last season and by all accounts he has been really focused going into his last year on campus. During his time at UM he has started 18 games and played in 31.

(RS Jr) Storm Johnson, #3 Running Back and an ESPN 150 Recruit (****)

Henderson had a bumpy first few seasons but many other commits that you will read didn't make it past their first offseason at UM. Storm Johnson was one of them. He played his freshmen year mostly in spot duty (until the last game verse USF) where he rushed 9 times for 119 yards and a touchdown. Coupled with the coaching change in the offseason as well as Lamar Miller and Mike James being in front of him on the depth chart, Storm decided to pack his bags and head upstate to Orlando and play for UCF. This isn't conjecture either, his Dad openly admitted it. After he sat his year of penance due to the transferring guidelines he had a solid first season, rushing for 507 yards and 4 touch downs.

(RS Jr) David Perry, #12 Defensive End and an ESPN 150 Recruit (****)

Honestly, not much to say about David Perry.. From what I was able to research, he was a kid who grew up in the Bahamas and later moved to the States during his high school years. "Scouts" saw his big frame and potential and rated him really high. Since coming on campus he's redshirted and played sporadically on special teams. He has not recorded any stats to date.

(Sr.) Brandon Linder, #2 Center and an ESPN 150 Recruit (****)

When thinking of a pillar or bookend offensive lineman many teams and fans think of big, burly left tackles. Brandon Linder has been a stalwart along the offensive line for the three years he's played. Due to playing right and left guard he usually doesn't get recognized for how well he's played but make no mistake, he's easily the most important offensive lineman going into next season for the Canes. He has started 29 games (!!) and participated in all 36 games since signing with UM.

(RS Jr.) Kevin Nelson, #3 Inside Linebacker and an ESPN 150 Recruit (****)

Well... Here's where it starts to get fun. Strap your helmet on because some of these stories and where these players end up is pretty crazy. Let's get to the first case in point which is Kevin Nelson.

Are you all ready for the UM v UF game coming up week 2 of the season!?! Kevin Nelson was and that was in 2010!! Too bad he couldn't be here to help us out. He redshirted his first year on campus; many speculated he was in Randy's "dog house" during his first season at UM. Once Coach Shannon was relinquished of his duties Nelson had the opportunity to impress the new regime and failed to do so. Apparently, when Al Golden first set foot on campus during the practice sessions for the Sun Bowl Nelson wasn't anywhere to be found. Later the following spring he tried to recommit to the Canes during the first "U Tough" program and wasn't a fan. He decided to leave UM and transfer to where he currently is which is FAMU. Per their roster, he is listed as the second string middle linebacker.

(Sr.) Eduardo Clements, #14 Running Back (****)

Eduardo Clements has a pretty brief history here at UM unfortunately. He hasn't started but has played in 31 games, mostly on special teams. As a rusher he has recorded 39 attempts for 184 yards and three touch downs during his time with Miami. It is sad to report that his career may have ended abruptly with the Canes due to a neck injury (UM has it listed as an "upper extremity" injury). Word from the ACC Media Day as of 7.22.2013 is that the coaching staff will know soon if he'll able to finish out his last year.

(N.A) Tavadis Glenn, #16 Tackle (****)

Glenn didn't make it to UM. He was academically ineligible. Due to this he decided to attend the Post Graduate facility title the Milford Academy. I tried doing research on to see where he is and I found a few unsubstantiated stories so I won't report rumors. All I can say is that he is not currently playing football based on what I could fine (or lack thereof).

(N.A) Latwan Anderson, #17 Safety (****)

This guy is another who took a long time to research because his story is a long, winding road to say the least.. Latwan Anderson was highly touted for his potential as a prospect. As a track star he was second to none and with his large frame he projected nicely for a coverage safety. However, nothing seemed to go smoothly with Anderson. At the Army All American game he verballed to WVU but when signing day approached he didn't send the papers. Later that summer (we're talking months after signing day) he decided to join UM's Track Team and walk on for football. Before he even attempted to try out he decided to leave Miami and since that period it is believed that he is still at Junior College in Mississippi.

(Sr.) Tyrone Cornelius, #26 Outside Linebacker (***)

If you would like to read more in-depth on Cornelius please feel free to go to this link. Here's the abbreviated version: Tyrone has been a solid depth player for UM. He's started a handful of games due to injuries to the starters, even though he's a backup he is one of the special team aces on the team.

(Sr.) Asante Cleveland, #15 Tight End (***)

Cleveland was a player that many saw post his freshman campaign as a kid who was going to be a "diamond in the rough" type of recruit. He had a few catches as a freshman and many saw him eventually becoming the next receiving star at "Tight End U." This hasn't come to fruition though and he has languished as another depth player for UM who has also played a bit of special teams. His career numbers are 11 receptions for 128 yards.

(RS Jr.) Keion Payne, #22 Cornerback (***)

When you lose players due to team rule violations, it hurts. When you lose a Cornerback who was listed as the number 2 starter, it hurts even more. Keion Payne was redshirted in 2010 and saw spot play the following year. Going into the spring of 2012 he was ranked on the "two deep" before the first scrimmage but unfortunately he didn't even get to play due to a violation. He was dismissed by the staff and went to Hutchinson Community College. From there he signed the following year with Troy and has earned playing time in their defensive backfield.

(Jr.) Jeremy Davis, #52 Athlete (***)

Besides team rules, academics have also been a culprit to player attrition in this class. Jeremy Davis verballed to UM in 2010 but did not have the grades to qualify. He decided to attend the Milford Academy to get everything settled for the following season. However , when Al Golden came on board Davis decided to explore other opportunities. He settled on UCF.

(RS Jr.) Shane McDermott, #5 Center (***)

Similar to Linder, Shane McDermott doesn't get as much "dap" for being a good player along the offensive line as he deserves. He has started 12 games and played in 22 over the last 2 years (24 games total). During last season he didn't register a sack given up and was awarded 2012 All ACC Honorable Mention by the ACC Coaches.

(RS Jr.) Darion Hall, #30 Running Back (***)

It seems like this recruiting class, at least at the running back position was cursed from the start. Darion Hall had a HUGE junior year of high school that helped put him on the map (1,700 yards and 21 touch downs). During his senior year though he only rushed for 1,000 yards. Coach Shannon saw his potential and offered him a scholarship. From there though things didn't turn how all the sides had hoped. Hall redshirted his freshman season but during the 2011 offseason he was dismissed from the team. Even his high school coach saw the discipline problems but it was too late. The following season Hall played for Tennessee State and has been used sparingly (had one carry last year).

(RS Jr.) Delmar Taylor, #45 Defensive Lineman (***)

Just like David Perry was a "project" when it came to player development, Delmar Taylor was a full scale operation. He had played very little high school football due to being from the Bahamas and Shannon saw him as a potential steal. Like many of the others though, Taylor did not qualify academically and had to attend Navarro Community College. The following year Golden did not extend the scholarship previously made available by the other regime and Taylor decided to stay home nonetheless and play at FIU. He is currently in the rotation as an offensive lineman.


Alright guys, that's part one. Yes, there are 15 more players to review in this class (30 total). We'll review part 2 later in the week and see who made it to campus (as you can see, that's been no easy task for this group of guys) and who was able to shine bright for the three years they've had to play.