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Class Cancelled: A look back at the 2010 Recruiting Class, Part 2

A review of Head Coach Randy Shannon’s last class and how those players have produced in their 3 years on campus and the playing field.

Al Messerschmidt

2010-11 was a year of transition for the Canes. They were coming off a year where they had made it to an above average bowl game (Champs Sports Bowl) and were looking towards the following year with hope of a possible ten win season. However, due to a lack of execution and unmotivated players, Head Coach Randy Shannon lost the team mentally and in so doing, the season. This article will review the players in his last full recruiting class at UM and how they've contributed to the team since arriving on the field and on campus. As you will see, star systems don't necessarily dictate how good a player will turn out. It all comes down to a player's mentality, his opportunity to play and sometimes just flat out luck.

PLEASE NOTE: Seniors have had the opportunity to play in 36 games so far and Red Shirt Juniors have been available to play in 24.

(Sr.) Kacy Rodgers, #32 Cornerback (***)

We will start off with a solid to above average recruit who has been a needed depth player for the Canes. Kacy Rodgers has played in 25 games and last year started 7 games at safety. He isn't the flashiest of players but he has been an above average player on special teams and is currently in the safety rotation with Deon Bush, Rayshawn Jenkins and A.J Highsmith. Last season he finished with 54 tackles and 2 pass breakups.

(RS Jr.) Devont'a Davis, #33 Cornerback (***)

I guess the good feelings will have to stop temporarily after Rodger's... Devont'a Davis redshirted his freshman year on campus but found himself violating team rules shortly thereafter and decided it would be best if he transferred. He landed at Youngstown State where he became a starting cornerback. After his first season with the team he decided to leave the program because he lost his starting spot. Later in that same offseason he rejoined the team and is currently in a cornerback rotation.

(RS Jr.) Travis Williams, #44 Outside Linebacker (***)

When making a decision on which University to choose many times familiarity with the program comes into consideration, as it rightly should. Players need to feel comfortable on their landing spot and Travis Williams sure did. Williams came to UM as a fast riser in the recruiting ranks from the Virginia Beach area. He was rated a three star due to his weight which was roughly 205 lbs coming out of high school, hence why he was redshirted his first year. However, he and a few teammates violated team rules during their first offseason program and he was asked to leave the UM program. The reason I bring up the "familiarity" aspect is because he transferred to..? You guessed it, Youngstown State with Devont'a Davis.

(N.A) Jeffrey Brown, #51 Defensive Tackle (***)

You know when you have a moment in life where you're just standing there and you see something unfolding and you can't do anything about it as it's failing? As I've been writing this review I'm beginning to realize Coach Shannon and especially Coach Golden must have felt that way about this class.

Jeffrey Brown redshirted his first year on campus because he was a raw prospect and a tad bit undersized. In May of 2011 though, Brown was dismissed from the team due to an alleged rape in the UM dorms. Due to this event and UM needing to stay strict on violations because of the Shapiro scandal, Brown was released from his scholarship. It's pertinent to note that Brown was not convicted of rape but lesser charges later on.

(RS Jr.) Jonathan Feliciano, #51 Offensive Tackle (***)

It should be said that this recruiting class did churn out at least one really good aspect for the Canes: offensive line depth. Feliciano has played in 22 games and started 20 of them at Guard and Center. Due to his constant above average play he was rewarded with a 2012 ALL ACC Honorable Mention. In 2011, his first year starting, he didn't allow a sack all season.

(Sr.) Stephen Morris, #48 Quarterback (***)

Just like reviewing what this class gave us in overall talent it's good to review what coaches left once they were asked to leave. Of all the pieces heading into the 2013-2014 season UM is grateful that former Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple saw talent in unheralded recruit Stephen Morris and offered him a scholarship. Morris played in an offense similar to what UM ran so he decided to commit. Once on campus he gained valuable playing experience every year due to injuries or ineffectiveness by Jacory Harris. With his senior season about to commence he is ranked by many pundits as a top 5 quarterback in all the country and a possible Heisman candidate. As his career comes to an end he will be ranked among the greats in UM history. Currently he has thrown for 4,868 yards and 28 touchdowns which puts him in company with the likes of Vinny Testaverde, Ken Dorsey and other stand out Quarterbacks at Miami.

(Sr.) Allen Hurns, #193 Wide Receiver (***)

We're on a hot streak guys!! Feliciano and Morris have both contributed so we won't stop there. Allen Hurns has been on the field all 3 years he's been with the Canes. Albeit, to be honest, he should have redshirted his first year.. For whatever reason, Randy decided to run him out on like 8 plays his freshman year as a blocking wide receiver on goal line situations which burned that opportunity (not that I'm bitter about it or anything)... Anyways, Hurns has been an above average contributor the last two years. He has hauled in 59 receptions for 729 yards and 8 touchdowns and he's currently in the rotation of the deep receiving stable we have on campus. Technically he's listed as a starter but based on the talent seen the last two years any of the four (Hurns, Dorsett, Scott, Lewis) could be named starters and it wouldn't matter.

(Sr.) Kelvin Cain, #73 Outside Linebacker (***)

Not going to stop, not yet. It feels too good to talk about players that have helped out the Canes. Kelvin Cain was kind of in the Asante Cleveland situation noted earlier. He was a diamond in the rough recruit who had a breakout game or two as a freshman and many saw big things in the future for him. Unfortunately, it just hasn't happened. He has bounced back and forth from linebacker and defensive end during his tenure on campus but has settled back in as a defensive end this year. He plays primarily on special teams which is needed and fills in when a starter or if his backup needs a breather. His career numbers are 45 tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery and one interception.

(Sr.) Maurice Hagens, #4 Fullback (***)

The unsung hero of the offense for Miami is the fullback. He doesn't get many carries and often times provides a thankless service which is either in pass protection or opening holes for the running backs. Maurice Hagens has done that for the last three years and Coach Golden and others appreciate his efforts. Hagens has rushed the ball on eight attempts for 24 yards so he has gotten his hands on the rock a few times!! I hope this year he gets to carry one in for a touchdown. He's been a pleasant surprise for Miami and we'll see if they utilize the Full Back position in years to come under Offensive Coordinator James Coley.

(RS. Jr.) Jermaine Barton, #83 Offensive Tackle (***)

Well, all good things must come to an end I guess.. I wasn’t able to find much on Jermaine Barton but he redshirted at Miami his freshman year and right before the start of his sophomore season he was asked by the coaching staff to seek a transfer. He wound up at Illinois State and started every game at right tackle for them last season.

(RS Jr.) Malcolm Bunche, Offensive Tackle, No Rating (NR)

Many players have had successful transitions from the Prep School ranks to the college level; we just haven't seen it in this class. Malcolm Bunche is the first to show it can be done (victory?..??). He has started primarily at left and right tackle for Miami in 13 games and has played in 20 of 24 contests. Currently he is listed as the starting Guard in front of McDermott due to his injury in offseason conditioning. It is pertinent to note that last year he often started ahead of Seantrel Henderson who, if you read in part 1, was the number one recruit in UM's class and the 8th player overall that year in the country.

(RS Jr.)Andrew Tallman, #47 Tight End (***)

Andrew Tallman is a classic case of "square peg for a round hole." When he signed with UM he said that he would be willing to play tight end or defensive end, NOT along the offensive line. Golden envisioned him as an offensive lineman (a la Jason Fox?) after his redshirt freshman year and Tallman promptly asked for his release from the Canes. He decided to attend the University of Richmond and played tight end his first year on campus. Due to competition at the position he's moved to defensive end and is looking to crack the rotation next season. From all accounts, he's got a great attitude; he just didn't want to play along the offensive line.

(RS Jr.) Clive Walford, Tight End, No Ranking (NR)

Basketball players playing tight end at UM? Say it ‘aint so! Clive Walford hasn't played on the hardwood for the Canes but he's contributed on the football field an average amount. Please see our State of the U article to read more about Clive and his background. In a nutshell, he played basketball in high school and Coach Shannon decided to take a chance on him. He seems to have the tangibles to be successful (height, speed, body control in traffic) he just needs to put it all together on the field. This year could be a big year for him but we'll have to see. He redshirted his freshman year and in the 13 games he's played, he has started.

(Sr.) James "Jimmy" Gaines, Middle Linebacker, No Ranking (NR)

We're getting there guys.. Only two more players to look back on! Jimmy Gaines was another recruit Coach Shannon took a risk on, he was unranked from a foreign state (NY) that many Cane's fans don't associate with a Miami pipeline. Gaines has been a solid to above average player. He is a tackling machine who currently is in a battle with an underclassman to retain the Middle Linebacker position. Please see the linebacker breakdown for information on his career at UM.

(Graduated) Chase Ford, Tight End, No Ranking (NR)

Unfortunately, there isn't much to say about Chase Ford. He came from Kilgore Community College and many compared him to Jeremy Shockey due to his journey to Miami (you hear THAT Beau Sandland supporters...). He openly admitted that his first year he under-performed to his standards and tried to reaffirm his commitment to the team but again he fell short in the production categories. He finished his two year career at UM with 16 receptions for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

Breakdown of the Class

All American (1)

Stephen Morris

Starter (9)

Seantrel Henderson (LT, RT)

Brandon Linder (G)

Shane McDermott (G,C)

Jonathan Feliciano (G,C)

Allen Hurns (WR)

Maurice Hagens (FB)

Malcolm Bunche (RT,LT)

Clive Walford (TE)

Jimmy Gaines (MLB)

Backup (6)

David Perry (DL)

Eduardo Clements (RB)

Tyrone Cornelius (LB)

Asante Cleveland (TE)

Kacy Rodgers (S)

Kelvin Cain (DL)

Transferred (10)

Storm Johnson (Playing Time)

Kevin Nelson (Dismissed)

Keion Payne (Dismissed)

Jeremy Davis (Academics)

Darion Hall (Dismissed)

Delmar Taylor (Academics)

Devont’a Davis (Dismissed)

Travis Williams (Dismissed)

Jermaine Barton (Dismissed)

Andrew Tallman (Playing Time)

Graduated (1)

Chase Ford - currently on the Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad (you learn something new everyday…)

Hasn’t Played College Ball (3)

Tavadis Glenn (Academics)

Latwan Anderson (Academics)

Jeffrey Brown (Criminal Investigation)

Overall Impression of this Class

This was the last class Randy Shannon had at Miami. He had just finished a successful season in which his team battled Wisconsin in an above average bowl game and many prognosticators had Miami trending upwards in the rankings for the next season. The reason I bring that up is because with 30 scholarships at his disposal, in my opinion, he took too many chances on "project" type players and especially high risk recruits who had bad attitudes/shady education back grounds. Too many players went the JUCO/Prep route or didn't even make it to Miami at all and this is inexcusable. I accept that players leave for playing time opportunities at other locations, that's normal player attrition. This class, besides a few key players (Morris, the offensive line players) really set Miami back 4 years in recruiting.

I know that may ruffle some feathers and I don't mean to insult our Canes.. It's just after reviewing this list of players, it "irks" me that we didn't go after better/more mature players in the local area with the vast amount of scholarships the coaches had at their disposal.