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Canes Camp 8/10: Defense adds some new faces

A light practice prior to tomorrow's full scrimmage gets overshadowed by the addition of a few new faces along the defensive line.

Offensive line stampede
Offensive line stampede


Al Golden kept today's practice light as the team prepares for tomorrow's full scrimmage, a nice transition for the three new faces that joined the team officially today

  • If you been keeping up with the Canes Camp updates, you know there has been plenty of talk about the new faces watching practice from the side line. Today we got the official welcome to the U for transfers David Gilbert, Justin Renfrow, and Ufomba Kamalu. All will play along the defensive line - you can find out more about them here. They are all large (and have playing experience) so they can only help.
  • Golden had some interesting thoughts on the new freshman and if they are going to see playing time this season: "...they are starting to show themselves, who can grind, who can learn, who's going back to the dorm and studying the playbook, and who is going on twitter or playing xbox...there are 6 days left to establish whether or not you're coming out of the smoke. It's a big deal..."
  • He also had high praise for the defense "...not even the same guys..." This rings even more true now that we have the addition of 3 defensive lineman. Golden said that one of the biggest challenges this year for the D will be leaving last year in the past.
  • Olsen Pierre will be getting the opportunity to play "all the down spots" along the defensive line now that Golden has said he is in great shape, calling him "very versatile".
  • Denzel Perryman had a great quote when being asked about his size: "...I put on like 10lbs and I'm still running the same numbers... I feel like a wrecking ball". I asked him if he can tell the difference in practice, playing behind the new larger, stronger defensive line "...yeah I can; me and Jimmy (Gaines) been able to make a lot more plays..." This meshes well with what Malcolm Bunche told me yesterday when he said that the offensive line can also tell the difference. We shall see soon enough I guess...
  • The team will be holding a private scrimmage on Sunday and having a day off for the team on Monday.