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Canes Camp Week 2: 8/14 So, About That O-Line Depth We Had...

As another day of camp is upon us we get word on the status of a few players that have been absent due to injury. Plus we learned which player Al Golden thinks looks like Ivan Drago (it's not who you think) And oh yeah, player reaction to a player leaving the program.

I hope Seantrel dosn't take my job
I hope Seantrel dosn't take my job


Today we got the reaction from the team on Jalen Grimble's departure from Miami as well as injury updates, which player might become Spiderman and Thank you, Jonathan Vilma

  • If there was a threat level for offensive line depth it wouldn't exactly be red but it also wouldn't be some pretty blue either. Coach Golden confirmed that freshman Sunny Odogwu had a MRI yesterday and it came back "ok" he said if this were prior to a game he would list him as "questionable"... good news that it wasn't something major that needed surgery but it is unknown how long he will be held out of practice, something a freshman needs plenty of if he plans on helping the team early. Golden also confirmed Alex Gall isn't injured but rather dealing with an infected hand that may have been the result of a spider bite. Yeah buddy, watch out evil doers Spiderman is now 6-5 300lbs. It is unknown how long it will take for it to clear up but he is taking antibiotics. Golden also had a time table for Danny Isidora's return saying that he will be out 8 weeks... I'm assuming that's the average and could change depending on his recovery. All in all not terrible news, yes it would be great to have a full stable of reserves to pull from but it could be worse.
  • On the heels of 3 new defensive lineman joining the team we got news that Jalen Grimble had asked for and was granted release from the program.  Golden said that he requested Monday night and that he was " a great young man"... and that they will "help him anyway we can to find what he's looking for"... he went on to say he was a great kid so "it's nothing like that". Defensive line and recruiting classmates Olsen Pierre and Anthony Chickillo were both sad to see him leave but will keep in touch and wish him well. Jalen never really got it going down here for one reason or another, hopefully he lands somewhere that will work out for him. Good luck and thank you Jalen Grimble!
  • Olsen Pierre also spoke about the team using him at DE and DT saying he splits the duties about 50/50. Coach D'Onofrio had said earlier this week he was only practicing at DT soooooo who knows. Im guessing it will be situational and we should just be happy that big Olsen Pierre is explosive enough to play the end spot. Pierre also gave an endorsement to the new faces along the line saying that it was "good... because we need them". We also need to thank Jonathan Vilma for destroying Nebraska's Ben Zajicek in the 2001 Rose Bowl because it was awesome but also because that was really what made Pierre fall in love with the Canes.
  • Anthony Chickillo praised Jermaine Grace for being a hard worker and said Artie Burns has been looking good. He also says that the pass rush has improved from last year saying it was better in spring and has gotten better since. He also thinks all 3 new guys "should be able to help us". Just as an observer Chick seems to set the tone on the defense, not a big joker laughing and messing around a lot and when he turns it up the other guys seem to follow. So for him to be impressed with Grace working hard it may hold a bit more weight than just the generic praise that players seem to heap upon freshman.
  • Sadly we have news on our first player that will be out for the year. Coach Al Golden told us that freshman Hunter Knighton was lost for the season after getting shoulder surgery. He is listed as an offensive lineman on the roster. Hopefully his rehab goes well and will be back at it this time next year.
  • And to end on a brighter note Golden was happy with the state of our special team kickers saying he thinks they have two of the most well conditioned guys in the country"one looks like DRAGO and the other guy is in really good shape and has good leg swing" Yup our punter 'MUST BREAK YOU'. Swagg.