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Canes Camp Press Conference Summary

WIth the season at our door step Al Golden and staff are preparing for training camp starting this week. Today, to get everyone ready, Golden held a press conference to spread the word on what to look forward to, who's been hitting the gym, and the roles our guys will be filling this year. SOTU was invited to participate because we rock, here's a summary of what Golden had for us.

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The Highlights:

  • WIth the NCAA mess all but over Golden looked as relaxed as he's been since arriving at Miami. His hair was in mid-season form as expected. Golden briefly addressed the ongoing soap opera: "We know... at some point ... an answer is coming... All We can do is try and not let it disrupt our third consecutive training camp...I'm a football coach right now, not a litigator..."
  • He addressed a few injuries with positive news about Eduardo Clements and Malcolm Lewis. Golden speaking on Clements "All indications is that Eduardo will be cleared" and on Malcolm: " Malcolm is in the same boat, he's been running, and if he's not 100% he is close to it..." He also mentioned Allen Hurns being fully healthy. He didn't mention any actual current injuries, so make sure you check back for SOTU's coverage of this weekend's practices to see who (and who isn't) out there. ..(or the injury report that the team will put out... whatever , I try)...
  • In a roundabout way a question about school's that have issues with arrests was asked. Golden stayed away from it; spoke about how it can happen anywhere.
  • On our awesome dilemma of talent at WR... " I don't know who our starters are right now; let alone No.2, No.3, or No. 4 coming into the games are going to be; or the 6 or 7 that are going to travel..." He also spoke on how Allen Hurns has really stepped up as a leader.
  • On our awesome state of the offensive line "...We got a good combination at the tackles... I feel good about 8 right now, we are trying to get 9 or 10 that can go into a game..."
  • On our defensive line, " ...We are not making excuses, but those guys grew up on the field; they didn't get a chance to hit the weight room... Chickillo grew up on the field, and his mistakes, his lack of strength or weight were evident..." He then went on to name a few defensive players that have put on anywhere from 20 to 30lbs. He named Olsen Pierre as looking good physically and mentioned that Jelani Hamilton went from 258lbs to 285lbs. "I think were markedly bigger..."
  • He spoke on the expectations of returning a veteran team, "...I wish we could leave off where we were last season but that's not the case; this team, this leadership, this chemistry will be new..." He had high praise of Stephen Morris and his leadership, he also spoke about how well "Randy" has done with his new found fame.
  • On Duke Johnson's role this season, he spoke about the increase in touches and that "...If Duke isn't returning kicks and lining up in the slot for screens, he's not Duke Johnson..." (Hooray excitement !)
  • Jimmy Gaines is ahead in the race at starting MLB
Camp starts for freshman on Thursday night, Friday for the rest of the varsity. Conditioning tests are Friday night and practice kicks off on Saturday. SOTU will be attending and getting some face time with the players as well as some limited time watching them practice. Updates will be posted as they come.