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Danny Dilliard leaves UM.

One day after Dyron Dye is dismissed from the team, UM loses another player.

Dorseyitis SOTU
Dorseyitis SOTU

UM confirmed this morning that 6-2, 210-pound running back Danny Dillard, a redshirt freshman from Brandenton and graduate of Venice High, is no longer on the team.

Dillard had been expected to compete for carries this fall.

Our Take: The immediate speculation will be that Dilliard left because of his spot (or lack there of) on the depth chart.  It would be premature to make this assumption.  But the sudden emergence of freshman Walter Tucker on the DC at FB after starting camp at LB would seem to be a sign that the school maybe saw this coming, and/or was not pleased with Dilliard's play in camp.  Either way,  Miami is lacking an experienced "big back."  There are plenty of speedy options behind All World RB Duke Johnson, in Eduardo Clements and Dallas Crawford, but all 3 are under 200 pounds.  Perhaps freshman thumper Gus Edwards is ready for some carries.   Good luck to Danny going forward.

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