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Canes Hoops loses a commit: Adonys Henriquez to "re-open his recruitment"

Canes Hoops lose their first commit of the 2014 class, in four-star combo guard, Adonys Henriquez.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The 2014 class has turned out to be a program-changer so far for Canes Hoops, being ranked as high as top-10 in the majority of class rankings, but it all began with Orlando combo-guard, Adonys Henriquez committing to Miami last November. Henriquez then became an avid recruiter for the program and he deserves some credit for a lot of guys taking interest in Miami and likely had something to do with the Ja'Quan Newton commitment.

Wednesday morning, however, Henriquez decided to "re-open his commitment" and de-commit from the University of Miami. With this de-commitment the staff now has four open scholarship spots.

This news is surely disappointing because Henriquez was a part of a back-court that could easily be one of the best in the country in 2014, with new transfers Angel Rodriguez and Sheldon McClellan to go along with newcomers, such as DeAndre Burnett, James Palmer, Davon Reed and the biggest splash so far, Ja'Quan Newton. The backcourt was starting to get crowded and [Adonys] Henriquez might have felt that he could get some more burn playing for a less guard-heavy program than Miami.

The 6'5'' 4-star combo guard didn't rule out a return to the program, but at this point, I believe it's unlikely that Henriquez comes back and joins the crowded backcourt unless he absolutely feels like this is the place he loves.

Henriquez might not be committed to the program anymore, but he sparked off what has been a remarkable recruiting run for Canes Hoops and that's something that Canes fans can't ignore. We wish Adonys the best in his newly opened recruitment.