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Canes Camp: Day 1

Fall camp is underway and the Canes are looking good!!

Joe Raedle


Canes practice opened up today and SOTU was on hand to take in day one of Fall Practices for your 2013 Miami Hurricanes. Miami has granted us access this year to speak with some of the players and coaches, we were also able to hang out for the beginning practice, here's some brief notes on Saturday we will go in depth on all our interviews after the weekend.

  • FIrst off great news for this years squad and kinda disappointing news from past years. Golden reported that every player passed the conditioning tests this year. You may ask why is this good news, they're collage athletes they should be in shape. Well, the year Golden took over 50% of the players failed, deduct what you will from that.
  • Golden spoke highly on the condition and mindset of Seantrel Henderson. He's reportedly in great shape fully healthy and has finally put all the lingering things that have held him back behind him. He "crushed" his conditioning test. This is great news
  • Malcolm Lewis and Eduardo Clements are cleared and ready to go. Golden spoke on Lewis and how quickly he will be brought into the fold reporting that with the great depth at WR they can take it as easy as they need. I watched him running around and fielding punts and he looked to be moving around great. When asked if he [Lewis] is ready to go, he quickly answered "I'm just ready to go".
  • Been hearing a lot about players on the defense putting on size, this wasn't just hype. Players were markedly bigger and that's before being in full pads.
  • Al Golden's hair was awesome!
  • Only former player on hand today (that i noticed) was current New Orleans Saint, Baraka Atkins.
  • Alex Figueroa is as impressive as advertised and has chosen the perfect face mask for his reputation. I got to stand directly in front of kick blocking drills and seeing him launch into the air full speed was terrifying.
  • Duke Johnson, who is expected to carry a heavy load for the Hurricanes this season with the departure of Mike James, told us that he has gained 8 pounds of muscle. He was also asked who he believed the best incoming freshman was and he quickly responded, "Stacy Coley. He can help us out right away". That's really good news for Canes fans who have been waiting to take a look at the highly-touted wide receiver.
  • Al Golden announced that he has giving the captain responsibilities to Quarterback Stephen Morris and Defensive linemen Shayon Green.
  • Also, after practice, UM announced that Phillip Dorsett ran a 4.29 40-yard dash. Yeah, that's pretty fast.
These were just a few things we noticed from Canes camp day one, SOTU will be back out there Sunday morning to provide you with any news from day two.