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State of the U catches up with top recruit KC McDermott.

The 6'6 301 pound all world offensive lineman talks recruiting, his future at the U, and much more.

McDermott leads Palm Central into battle.
McDermott leads Palm Central into battle.

ESPN ranks him as the 45th best player in the country, 5th best at his position. Scout rates him as a 5 star prospect and the #3 player in the country at his position.

Certainly, UM got themselves a true blue chip prospect for the class of 2014, in KC McDermott.

We caught up with the Palm Beach Central HS product and asked him the following:

SOTU: First of all, thanks for letting us interview you, we'll try to make this fun. The first question is an easy one, Is there a player in college or the pros you model your game after?

KM: Jonathan Ogden, formerly of the Ravens and now in the Hall of Fame.

(SOTU: Excellent selection.)

SOTU: Who is your all time favorite Miami Hurricane?

KM: Wow, trying to put me on the spot here. My brother plays for the Miami Hurricanes. I'd hate to not say him.

(SOTU: Well if your brother is 1, who is 1A?)

There are so many. Other then my brother, I would have to say Ray Lewis.

SOTU: Education is obviously very important to you. If the NFL doesn't come calling, what do you see as possible career options?

KM: I'd like to be a civil or architectural engineer. I've been studying civil engineering in high school.

SOTU: As a follow-up to your now famous description of Urban Meyer's face when you told him you weren't interested, Have you got much blow back for telling that story about Meyer?

KM: I haven't really had much, but I'd like to say I'm very sorry for the comments I made and they were taken out of context.

SOTU: What is the best and the worst part of the recruiting process?

KM: The best part about it is going to places you have never been before, and getting to meet so many great people. Some of the coaches you meet, are tremendous. Fortunately for me every coach I have met has been a great person. The worst part is some times you deal with 5 or 6 coaches coming in on one day. Sometimes if you're in class or taking a test the coach has to wait.

(SOTU: Phew wiping my brow. I thought you were going to say dealing with guys like us are the worst part)

KC laughs.

SOTU: Has the NCAA investigation affected your decision to come to Miami in any way?

KM: I never really thought twice about it. Maybe there was a slight scare when it first came out, I was a freshman in high school, but I was told there wasn't that much they could use against the us. So I never really thought too much about it.

(SOTU: I like that you said "us" there!!)

SOTU: Are you helping to recruit any more players to come to Miami with you?

KM: Yes I am, right now I am working on Johnny Dixon.

SOTU: Would you rather stonewall an oncoming pass rusher, or pancake a defender on a run block?

KM: Oh definitely pancake a defender on a run block.

(SOTU, No surprise there!!)

SOTU: As long as your brother Shane (2012 honorable mention ALL ACC Center) doesn't go pro early, you'll get a chance to play with him for a season, how much did that help your decision to come to the U?

KM: It didn't have a big effect on me. When you look at it, it came down to two schools. I really loved both of them and had a great experience with both of them. But when it came down to it, I wanted to stay at home. Miami was meant for me. Notre Dame is a great place, great campus, and great atmosphere. Everything is about the football team there. Yes my brother is going to be a senior at Miami, but my brother Tyler is a coach at Notre Dame. So my bothers had no affect on my decision whatsoever.

SOTU: Last but not least, any message for the 'Canes fans out there?

KM: My message would be that we are going to recruit the best team in the country. And we are going to bring the crystal ball home where it belongs, back in Miami!

That's what Canes fans love to hear!!!

Thanks again to KC for letting us catch up with him!!

Finally some highlights:

(exclusivevideo1 Youtube)