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Canes Camp Day 3: Big Men on Display

As we grind into day 3 the pads came out and the Bigs on the offensive line were available for questions

healthy, slim, and refocused
healthy, slim, and refocused
michael seay

Canes Camp day 3 was a first look at players in pads for this summer , nothing heavy but they started engaging in light contact drills for the first time since spring as well. The team also had some of the offensive lineman available for questions including former number 1 recruit and most likely UMs top NFL prospect Seantrel Henderson.

  • First off Seantrel looked great, he's playing at his lowest weight since high school and it shows. While he was in a yellow "light contact" jersey yesterday due to a "tweaked" foot he reports today that it is fine and will not be an issue. When asked about his journey from star recruit to his now senior season Seantrel was honest saying that he was a "big kid" coming onto campus, he wasn't use to a schedule, didn't eat as well as he is doing now and didn't have the same focus that he does now. He states the death of his best friend Jordan Hughes as one of the main factors that changed his attitude, "He wanted this more than i did... college... playing sports, i just feel like i have to go out there and do it for him". On the future and if he thought about leaving for the NFL last season he says " i thought about it, not for long... we gotta make it happen here, if i left i would be letting down my teammates... what were we last year 7-5? no we gotta get back before i leave". "Im about the team, sure i may have a chance to move on even if we don't do well but i want our team to win have success and play in a bowl game". A motivated Seantrel is a good Seantrel so we should all be pleased to hear this.
  • Malcolm Bunche was also on hand for comment and had high praise for offensive lineman Alex Gall " alot of freshman come in and play timid... he came in and..he played some football" He also echoed what we have been hearing about Seantrel Henderson,"he's a different Seantrel, lost that baby fat, he's stronger... i can't wait to see him in a game" He also spoke about the difference between tackle and guard " tackle is fun, guard i gotta work on my pulling a bit but where ever coach wants me I'm good"
  • No update on QB Preston Dewey, Danny Isidora is going to see a foot specialist after his injury yesterday. Punter Pat O'Donnell has stood out to coach Golden so far and is doing a great job. When asked about if O'Donnell will be doing any place kicking Golden made a point to say Kicker Matt Goudis is doing "great" so that's a good thing
  • Music today featured audio from Ed Reeds halftime "WE HURT OUT HERE DAWG" speech that then went into MJ's Thriller. It was cool.
  • The "guys standing over there" were joined by another large college age male to bring the total to 3. Nothing official so we cannot confirm but the university will let us know when things get finalized.
  • Anthony Chickillo had a "tight" ankle that was gonna keep him out until later today or possibly Tuesday, Golden said it was just one of those things and would be surprised if he wasn't out today after he loosened u