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Five things for fans to do with 'Canes on the bye week

After last Saturday's thrilling victory over UF, Miami fans are surely craving more football. But UM is off! What to do, What to do? We got ya covered.

Mike Ehrmann

If you're like me, you are still buzzing (not literally I hope) from the Hurricanes intoxicating (well maybe literal here) win over the Gators last weekend.

As if schedule makers knew that we would all need to catch our collective breathes, Miami has the weekend off.

Is this a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Depends on perspective. In either case us hardcore 'Canes junkies will need a fix for the action.

Here are 5 mere suggestions:

1) Watch Johnny Football take on the two time defending champions, Alabama.

Ok, so this is the most obvious of recommendations. But before last week, did anyone think this game would have significance from possible scouting perspective?

Either way, this game promises to be high drama. Will Johnny Manziel perform well enough to perform his now famous "money fingers" celebration? Will Nick Saban's ultra disciplined squad taunt the flamboyant Manziel into trash talking? (As if he needs help)

If you need a reminder of what happened last year:

(Youtube SEC Digital Network)

2) Take a break from one barbaric sport and check out another.

Nobody quite makes a spectacle like "Money" Mayweather. Floyd, however, is oft criticized for taking on less than threatening opponents (for someone of Mayweather's skills at least).

Not the case Saturday night, when Canelo Alvarez steps into the ring to take on Boxing's mythical pound-for-pound champion. Canelo can fight. He might be the biggest threat to Floyd since the De La Hoya fight, and biggest one available sans Manny Pacquiao.

While I can not recommend buying this fight for the price Showtime PPV is asking, if you have a local bar that is broadcasting the fight or know a few friends willing to chip in, it might worth a gander.

By the way the under card for once, has a fight worth watching, and potential fight of the year candidate in:

Danny Garcia Vs Lucas Matthyse.

More on the main event here:

(Youtube Theboxingchanneltv)

3) Watch some old 'Canes highlights on Youtube.

CaneFreak2001 is your one stop shop for all of the best highlights.

Some of my personal favorites:

The Greatest team of all Time, Sean Taylor Tribute, and Devin Hester highlights.

4) Use the 'Canes weekend off to root against Miami's rivals.

FSU hosts Nevada at 3:30 PM EST. You might not have much luck rooting against the Seminoles this weekend, but admit it, you wanna get another look at Jameis Winston as well.

Unfortunately, the vanquished Gators are off.

Ohio State travels to Berkeley to take on a mediocre Cal squad, but with Buckeye star QB Braxton Miller questionable for this contest might be closer then expected.

Notre Dame heads to Purdue to take on the Boilermakers, still smarting from last weekend's loss to Michigan.

5) Get together with some friends and tailgate as if Miami WAS playing.

If you choose this one, be sure to let myself, the SOTU staff, and the rest of the 'Canes family know where and what to bring.

In all seriousness, if you do partake, please drink safely and responsibly.

My drink of choice is either Yuengling, Bud Light, or Grey Goose Vodka. For my readers of age, feel free to leave a comment below with yours.

And don't worry 'Canes fans, Miami will be back in action before you know it!