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Quick Injury updates

UM fans can let out a huge sigh of relief this evening.

#17 should be ok for the USF game
#17 should be ok for the USF game
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Al Golden spoke to the media today and touched on UM's injuries.

  • Stephen Morris' injury was reclassified from an ankle sprain to a bruise. Coach Golden said they would "take it easy" on him tomorrow at practice but that he was fully expected to play next weekend against USF.

  • On Duke Johnson's durability, Golden expressed no concern.  Golden expected that teams would continue to give Johnson their best shots because of his star power, but felt Duke was more then capable of taking the punishment.

  • Deon Bush saw his first action of the season, and played about 25 plays last night. Golden said Bush would get treatment tomorrow, but was "ok."

  • Shane McDermott tweaked a foot during the UF game and aggravated it in practice last week.  Coach Golden said he would be seeing the doctor tomorrow, but was expected to be okay.  Coach praised McDermott's replacement Jared Wheeler saying he did a "great job" last night against SSU.