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Hello NCAA!? Miami still waiting......

So the NCAA today reduced punishment on Penn State. Yet the University of Miami front remains painfully quiet.

What goes on behind these walls?  No one knows.
What goes on behind these walls? No one knows.
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Ok, John Pickens eloquently explained why we should stay focused on the field. And The Amigo already ranted about the slower then molasses NCAA decision on UM on opening night.

And I know Hurricanes fans just want to make the whole thing go away, and talking about it does not help.

Believe me so do I.

But it becomes harder and harder to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room, every time the NCAA takes an action on another case.

Today, in an unprecedented move, the NCAA announced it was reducing scholarship sanctions on Penn State.

Are you kidding me?

It's the right move, don't get me wrong. The current staff and administration in Happy Valley had nothing to do with the nightmare that was the Sandusky scandal.

But to announce this before coming to a conclusion on the Miami case?  Just another slap in the face for the Hurricanes.  Remember, Al Golden had nothing to do with the Shapiro scandal.  All of the players involved,  now GONE!.

When will UM get that same compassion the NCAA is now showing for State?

To recap:

  • The NCAA took less than a month to investigate and "punish" Johnny Football.
  • In just about two years the NCAA investigated, punished, AND  reduced punishment on PSU.
  • Oregon was investigated starting 2/28/11 and put on probation 6/26/13.  Just over two years.

This,  just to name a few.  The NCAA once investigated, punished,  and cleared Cam Newton in just about a week. Remember that?

And yet, Miami has been waiting since August of 2010,  August of 2010!

They have self imposed 2 bowl bans, reduced scholarships on their own, dealt with the backlash of the investigation in recruiting, had to deal with the outrage of the NCAA admitting they botched the case, and still they wait.

Over 3 years now.

Enough is enough.

Good for you Nintany Lions,  Good for you Ducks,  Good for you Aggies, Good for you SEC.

But forgive the fine folks in Coral Gables if they do not cheer too loud.  Because every timely decision the NCAA comes to is just another insult for administration, coaches, fans, and most of all players, at the University of Miami who continue to wait.

And wait,  and wait some more.

Rest assured, 3 maybe 4 more scandals will break and resolve while Miami waits for its fate.

Perhaps the NCAA knows there already shaky credibility will take another turn for the worse when they punish UM?

Perhaps they wrestle with the idea of how to make a decision and save face yet not outrage the college sports world more, considering their own how bad they botched the case?

The NCAA did the right thing today in giving Penn State back some scholarships.  But doing it at the expense of concluding the Miami case makes it appear somewhat self serving.

In the meantime, an opportunity to do the right thing for Miami has came and passed today, yet again.