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FLA Power Rankings Week 4: Blow Outs Bananza!!!

Each week the State of Florida has 7 teams doing battle for supremacy. Some go out and pummel their competition, others just get sha-lacked. Each week we'll examine who did great and who... needs to work on some things.

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How the Teams are Rated

The rankings of each team are based on weekly performances as well as their overall results from the current season. A team may have more talent than another on the list but if they're not getting wins and putting up solid statistics, they won't be rated higher.

1 - FSU 3-0 (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 1

Week 4 Opponent: 54 - 6 Win Verse Bethune-Cookman

Week 5 Opponent: @ Boston College, 3:30 on ESPN2 and ABC

Comments from Week 4:

Another cream puff, another victory for the Noles as they keep rolling along through their schedule. If you're breaking this game down purely on the box score link from above it's really hard to tell the story of this game. FSU was only able to rack up 492 yards of offense with a balanced attack (226 passing and 266 rushing) and BC controlled the time of possession battle 35 minutes to 24 so what gives? How was this so lopsided? The answer was field position battles and creating a key turnover which are both due in large part to a stalwart defensive showing FSU displayed last weekend. Everyone knows FSU's offense is scary this year but many don't know if the defense will be on the same plain when it comes time when they're pressured by a better opponent than the Nevada's and Bethune-Cookman's of the world. Maybe this game was an indicator that the defense is taking shape and ready to go for the big push. We'll have to see.

Next week's opponent should pose more of a challenge to the Noles. They'll be on the road against Boston College. This is their second game in conference so we'll see if they pad their lead atop the Atlantic or come crashing down to Earth due to the lack of a challenge in season so far.

2 - University of Miami 3-0, (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 2

Week 4 Opponent: 77 - 7 Win Verse Savannah State

Week 5 Opponent: @ South Florida, 3:30 on ESPN and watchESPN

Comments from Week 4:

I've got to say as a fan, I got bored of my team crushing an opponent and seeing positive play upon positive play pile up as the game progressed. The Canes would run the ball and huge holes would immediately be opened up for our running backs to scamper through. Wide Outs and Tight Ends roamed the field open as SSU's zone crumbled, it was just boring. With all that noted, Miami got what they needed done in the game which was gather film on young players and get back to the practice field to work out any kinks they may have discovered. The slight blemish (at the time it loomed LARGE in our forum) was the multiple injuries to many key positions. Morris seems to be the only holdover from the post-game list still nursing a injury which is a god send. At one point last weekend Morris came out hobbled then Herb Waters (who later returned) and about 5 plays after Herb went down Duke Johnson got a stinger in his shoulder. State of the U was not a good place to be at that point. As stated earlier, all involved seem to be fine and the Canes are getting ready for the next opponent.

Coach Golden is saying all the right things this week but let's face it, the Bulls look like heavy under dogs this week. The talent doesn't seem to be in Tampa this year and the coaching staff of the Bulls is still sifting through the current roster to see if they can salvage players from the previous regime to move forward. In state games are always dog fights so we'll see how this tilt turns out. We'll see if the Canes are up for an opponent who should be grossly over matched.

3 - University of Central Florida 3-0, (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Week 4: Bye Week

Week 5 Opponent: South Carolina, 12 p.m. on ABC

Comments from Week 4:

Don't be surprised if the Knights throw a lot of gimmick plays into their game plan for this upcoming weekend game against the Gamecocks. They're coming off a bye week and for all intents and purposes, besides the Louisville game in a few weeks, this game is their season. They already have a marque victory against Penn State at Happy Valley on their resume but if they were to beat The Ole' Ball Coach at home, well, I guarantee you'll start hearing about them on a national level.

4 - University of Florida 2-1, (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 4

Week 4 Opponent: 31 - 17 Win Verse Tennessee

Week 5 Opponent: @ Kentucky, 7 p.m. on ESPNU and watchESPN

Besides the Miami blemish, the Gators have to really like the way their schedule has played out for them so far. Their first three SEC opponents are Tennessee (who they beat), Kentucky (new coaching staff and a low level talent team anyways) and Arkansas (new coaching staff) which is about as optimal a draw you can get. They were able to knock off the Volunteers last weekend so we'll see how they do when they head to sleepy hollow - err Lexington for their next game. Besides hopefully racking up a few victories in a row during conference play, the Gators lost their QB Jeff Driskel for the year last weekend so breaking in the new start Tyler Murphy is imperative.

5 - Florida Atlantic 1-3, (0-2), Last Weeks Rank - 5

Week 4 Opponent: 42 - 35 OT Loss Verse Middle Tennessee

Week 5 Opponent: @ Rice, 7 p.m.

Could this be the hard luck team in the state? As of week 4, they are. They started the year against a top 25 team in Miami and it didn't help they had a mess at their Quarterback position. Since that initial game they've settled on a Quarterback and the offense has drastically improved. This weekend their QB (J. Johnson) threw for 321 yards, five touchdowns (two on the ground), two picks and added 34 yards rushing; it just wasn't enough to stop MTST. The Achilles heel for this team right now is Carl Pelini's specialty, the defense. Middle Tennessee rushed for 296 yards (!!) and for a team to get a victory that simply can't happen.

The Owls next opponent looks to be right at their same talent level so it could be a barn burner folks! The Rice Owls are 1-2 and this will be their first conference game (FAU has played two so far) so anything can happen is possible in this match up!

6 - South Florida 0-3 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 7

Week 4: Bye Week

Week 5 Opponent: Miami Hurricanes

Will the Bulls employ their three headed monster at Quarterback? Will they be able to run the ball with their monster at Runningback Marcus Shaw? We'll have to see. The Bulls had a bye last weekend so not much is known as to what they'll try and pull off next for the public spectators but it could be surprising (in a good way, I promise) or a complete flub (which is extremely possible). I will say this though, they have an upper classmen led defense and they should not be struggling this much. The offense was known to be a mess but to what extent was not known. The Bulls only have to show up one game this year to really wreck a team's season. Hopefully, for the Canes sake, it's not this weekend.

7 - Florida International 0-3 (0-2), Last Weeks Rank - 6

Week 4 Opponent: 72 - 0 Loss Verse Louisville

Week 4 Opponent: @ Southern Miss, 4 p.m.

This is all I will say about this team:

Rankings (per ESPN):

-          Passing Yards Per Game: 101.3, 120th in the Country.

-          Rushing Yards Per Game: 49.5, 123rd in the Country.

-          Points Scored Per Game: 5.8, 126th in the Country.

-          Points Allowed Per Game: 46.8, 125th in the Country.

(palm to forehead)