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Florida Power Rankings: Post Week 1

FSU sits atop the State ranks but who moved up and who moved down? Check out the reasons for each team and see where we're going for Week 2 as 4 of the 7 teams play each other.

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How the Teams were Rated

Based on week one performances, each team has been re-ranked. No previous team history was taken into account. If a team played the same level of opponent compared to another team in the ranking then the final score was taken into consideration as well as how efficient and effective the starters played before being benched.

1 - FSU 1-0 (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 1

Comments from Week 1:

Well everybody, Jameis Winston has arrived. In his first live game action for Florida State he looked nearly flawless by going 25 for 27 while throwing for 356 yards and four touchdowns. The defense looked impressive as well by forcing two turnovers on the Pittsburgh Panthers and limiting them to 297 total yards.

FSU comes home the next week for a "walk through" type game with Nevada week two. It's shaping up early in the ACC Atlantic to very much be a Clemson-FSU rematch to see who goes to the ACC championship once again.

Next opponent: Nevada

2 - UCF 1-0 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 4

Comments from Week 1:

Quarterback Blake Bortles started his season off on the right foot throwing for 318 yards and three touchdowns against Toledo. Add in a nice mix of Storm Johnson in the running game and UCF cruised week one. Their next opponent will offer the same level of competition as the previous week but in week three and week four they play Penn State and South Carolina respectively. We'll see if they're up for the task soon enough.

Next Opponent: at Florida International

3 - UM 1-0 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Comments from Week 1:

Coach Golden's team showed solid improvement along the defensive line in week one verse FAU but the offense, specifically the passing game, seemed out of sync. Duke Johnson showed everyone why he should be considered as a Heisman candidate by gaining 224 yards of total offense in three quarters of work.

It's still too early to tell where exactly this team has or hasn't made improvements on each side of the ball. Florida comes to town in week two so all Miami fans will be hoping that their offense clicks and the defense can stand up to the punishing run sets Florida will employ.

Next Opponent: Florida

4 - UF 1-0 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 2

Comments from Week 1:

Florida wants to grind their opponents. It isn't pretty or flashy but that is their plan. Add in a swarming defense and this could be a recipe for success or it could lead to close wins and losses in the uber competitive SEC East.

Their first true test will be against the Miami Hurricanes in South Florida. Will the steady running attack work against an improved defensive front in Coral Gables? We'll have to see.

Next opponent: at Miami

5 - FAU 0-1 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 7

Comments from Week 1:

Week one for FAU went about as well as they could have hoped. Miami proved that they had far more talent than the young program could handle and over the course of the game FAU was pounded into submission.

Unfortunately even though all three quarterbacks played in the first game, none seemed to stand out. Jaquez Johnson and Greg Hankerson combined to throw for 117 yards and no touchdowns against what many see as an average passing defense for the Canes. Coach Pelini will look to next week when they play a far more matchup friendly team in ECU at home to see if he can get an offensive rhythm established.

Next opponent: Eastern Carolina

6 - FIU 0-1 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 6

Comments from Week 1:

Just like FAU, Florida International played a superior team when it comes to overall talent on the roster and the Panthers were quickly overmatched and beaten down by Maryland 43-10.

Also, just like FAU, Florida International's quarterback position is unsettled as both E.J Hilliard and Jake Medlock combined to throw for 80 yards and one interception. It doesn't get any easier as they play a rough and tumble defense led by George O'Leary at UCF. This could be a really long year for first year Coach Ron Turner.

Next opponent: Central Florida

7 - USF 0-1 (0-0), Last Weeks Rank - 5

Comments from Week 1:

The Bulls look like they may be on the verge of a very long season. Their opponent in week one (McNeese State) was supposed to be a "walk through" type game where superior talent wins out. Unfortunately for USF this was not the case and they lost 53-21. The reason for the precipitous drop in the rankings was not the fact that they made a quarterback change (away from Matt Floyd to Bobby Eveld) but rather their defenses ineptitude at stopping anything McNeese State ran.

Next week South Florida fans may have to watch their team through their fingers because they play a very competent and hungry Michigan State team. It could get ugly early for Coach Taggart and his young team.

Next opponent: at Michigan State

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