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AL Golden Week 2 Press Conference: Gator

Gator week has arrived and the players are trying their best to pretend it's just another game on the schedule but coach Golden's hair tells a different story. Today we spoke with Golden and company about FAU, rankings, and the normal regular not at all different in anyway game coming up on Saturday.

Someone got a haircut, it is soooo on
Someone got a haircut, it is soooo on
Dorseyitis- SOTU


Today we got a chance to speak with Al Golden and a few players to find out how they thought the FAU game went, when we all got done laughing and pretending we were focused on anything except the Gators coming to town everyone moved on to the task of not making bulletin board material.

  • Deon Bush when asked said he was not sure if he would end up playing this week. Al Golden confirmed what he said a few minuets later and reported that the decision would be up to Deon, but he would need to decide today. Bush is coming off a sports hernia surgery and was reported to be back to full speed during the end of camp. Coach said he's cleared to play if he's ready.
  • I asked David Gilbert about his first time running through the smoke " I got a big blast in my eye, i was standing to close to the machine... definitely something i will remember for the rest of my life" He said his foot was holding up even better than he thought it would and said he was disappointed that he couldn't turn his fumble recovery against FAU into a scoring opportunity. When asked about the running backs on UF he said he would rather not comment on any Gator player. He along with every other player on hand said that this week was just one of the 14 games they will play this season. yup
  • Denzel Perryman had a great line about the Gators "they are a smash mouth explosive style football team and we gotta put our big boy pants on too and play ball." I asked him about how he thought the new guys along the defensive line did and he was impressed but did say he gave Gilbert a hard time about not scoring on his fumble recovery. I then took my life in my own hands and brought up the fact he dropped an interception that was a sure TD and asked how long something like that stays with him... " that one took some time, I had to talk to coach and some of my teammates kept messing with me about it... i had to get on them too...y'all need to leave me alone i am trying to get over it and you keep bringing it up." He had a giant grin and I didn't have to change my pants. He attempted the whole' it's just another game' line as well but did a poor job selling it, he seemed excited.
  • Stephen Morris came across as the senior leader and potential NFL QB he is. Spoke about needing to fix the issues he and the offense had against FAU, also said it was a good thing that they did have them week one so that they can iron them out. When asked his thoughts about the crowd possibly having a lot of gator fans he responded that he doesn't care. The polls also came out just prior to the press conference and when asked his thoughts on UMs ranking he gave us this gem " I can give two... you know what's." Trash talk was brought up a lot today and players gave pretty bland responses but Morris put a firm stamp on how they will deal with it "If they start it we are NOT going to finish it." He seemed to be fully aware of what's at stake and what he needs to accomplish if they plan on winning. He was also eating a cup of gummy bears prior to speaking, he's just like us y'all.
  • Al Golden stepped onto the room and you knew things just got taken up a notch because his hair was awe- inspiring . He spoke about needing to not make the game bigger than it is and keeping UF runs game in check because it will be "a long day" if they do not. He was happy to say that they have maturity to rely upon, and that they have to keep their poise. When asked about the potential large percentage of gator fans at the game he responded by saying " There's a lot of things I'm worried about today, the amount of gator fans at the stadium is not one of them."