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Miami - FAU Game Thread Highlights With Water Jets

Welcome back to another iteration of Game Thread Highlights, where we recap the stiff arms, overreactions, bad puns, and the continuing downward spiral of Lt. Nolan. Come join us!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Back by (surprisingly) popular demand, welcome to another year of Game Thread Highlights! Where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

We had a very strong first effort, with over 400 comments for a warm up opponent. Last year, we had a little over 400 for the game against K State. Progress. I tried to limit the Lt. Nolan comments but, I swear, but he was clearly enjoying the freedom of not being a father figure to our little corner of the Cane Family.

We start the night, as always, with Best Celebration


Always love a good "WHAT WHAT"

We welcomed back the fallen Lt. Nolan, who handed off cat herding duties to the talented Jerry this year


And yes, he managed to type in ALL CAPS the entire game. I’ve never felt like I was being yelled at for 3 hours in an empty room before.

We also invented a new unit of time measurement.


How long until you due date, Mrs. Lt. Nolan? Oh about 194,400 Johnny Football Suspensions

We do know Schnelly is the real father


Most Typical Cane Fan Overreaction to Adversity goes to…..


And the clincher for josh


He also wins Noob of the Week as well


No seriously, please stick around. Josh, come back. Please. No! Where are you going? Picking on you is how we show love. Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…..

Best Snark Directed at the Announcer is a dead heat




Lt. Nolan riding solo. And talking to himself


Is that healthy? Losing State of the U must really be weighing on him. It was all he had. Poor guy

Scottie points out our TE’s sound like they are from Mississippi in 1953


There are no boundaries here

Boundaries_medium '

I think we have a new motto for the season:


And so is our french toast.

Best Player Named Based Pun:


The truth is there are no winners with puns. And that is before he took it too far


I had to think about it too. You'll get it. Boos are to be directed at CMR

Best Snark Directed at the Referees goes to…


And perennial best gif champ wins yet again, cleaning up my own mess




And seriously, listen to Scottie