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'Canes victory over UF, Ugly by design?

Did the U beat a big bad SEC team by playing SEC style?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes defeated the Florida Gators 21-16 yesterday in a game that wasn't exactly the 2006 Texas Vs USC Rose Bowl. (In my mind the greatest non UM college game ever)

So they won UGLY.   But were the 'Canes ugly like a fox?

If you read between the lines on some of the quotes post game from Coach Golden, the close to the vest play calling was by purposefully done.

With a defense that had suddenly transformed from a susceptibility to a staunch, steadfast unit, Miami can now beat opponents in an assortment of ways.

On the game as a whole:

It was a war. I'm not going to make any excuses. Give them credit - they're good.  They didn't give us anything. Our guys fought, scratched, and clawed, and sometimes you have to win like that. They had the guts to win like that which was important. - Al Golden

On the Defense:

I have been saying it all spring - I think they've grown up.  We played so many young guys last year at places you can't play young guys. We're so much bigger stronger up front.  Our linebackers are all 20 pounds heavier.  The secondary doesn't miss rotations like last year so there are no more blown gaps......It says a lot about Coach D'onofrio, they whole game plan he put the together,  and really the whole defense.  I gave the entire defense a game ball.  - Al Golden

On the passing game:

We are going to work on that.  I just want them to enjoy this. We did what we had to do to win. We'll worry about the stats and completions tomorrow. We'll make a commitment to get that fixed in the bye week........

We really displayed patience as an offensive staff and really believed in the defense for the first time in a long while. - Al Golden

It's certainly good to know the defense can pick up the offense going forward.  But perhaps the high flying offense we all expected is still a possibility? Certainly beating UF was more important than matching offensive statistical forecasts.

Whether the ugly victory was premeditated or improvised, a few things are certain:

Miami is 2-0 with a win over UF in the bank,  sure to be ranked in the top 20,  and on a footpath to a fantastic season!