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Why We All Need to Relax until NSD

It's been another stressful week for 'Canes fans, but here are some reasons not to panic.

Remember this guy? He still hasn't made up his mind.
Remember this guy? He still hasn't made up his mind.

It's been a rollercoaster couple of weeks for 'Canes fans. With the Al Golden to Penn State saga now behind us, recruiting has come back to the forefront.

Miami has one of the most coveted class of 2014 classes in place, but lately they have lost some serious traction. First, massive DT Travonte Valentine de-committed (he could still end up at UM and has expressed the desire to sit down with Golden in the near future).

Then this....

And this.....

With these departures, the once top 5 class has fallen to to #9 on ESPN's latest rankings.

But Canes fans, I implore you, do not fret.

We are currently in the midst of the recruiting "quiet period" not to be mistaken with the dreaded "dead period."

For those unaware of what those terms mean:

Quiet Period The quiet period is a designated time in which schools may contact recruits via phone or mail, or visit with them on the institution's campus. However, in-person contact taking place outside of the school's campus is prohibited. Basically the quiet period prevents coaches from camping outside the homes of recruits as National Signing Day approaches.

Dead Period The dead period is the designated time in which no in-person contact, regardless of location, is allowed.

So for those frantically asking how Golden could standby while these developments occur, there is your answer.

On January 15, it is again business as usual.

Do not be surprised if AG manages to pry a few talented kids away from other schools between then and NSD.

Remember Golden is a very strong closer.

Guys like Stacy Coley, Tyriq McCord, and Tracy Howard, were all late closes.

But more importantly, let's all keep this in perspective.

Young men are going to change their minds. The best coach/recruiter can not prevent this inevitability. Let's let the chips fall where they may, and avoid hyperventilating into brown paper bags in the meantime.

An unnamed friend on Facebook put it best the other day when he said,

"I refuse to let the decisions of 17 and 18 year olds ruin my evening."

And perhaps we should all follow suit.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and hang in until signing day.