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Coach L addresses Elder, Swoope's PT, and the Noles

Miami's Head Coach Jim Larranaga addressed the media today on the ACC Coaches Teleconference.

Elder on the gridiron prior to injury
Elder on the gridiron prior to injury
Mike Ehrmann

Coach Larranaga was pleased with Miami's progress, specifically praising the play of Manu LeComte, Davon Reed's "unselfishness" and Garrius Adams, who has come on of late.

He also addressed a few other subjects.

On Corn Elder:

"First of all, I thought it was absolutely great of Al Golden to allow Corn to play basketball. He still has a lot of rehab ahead of him. I am going to meet with him today to talk about his future in our program, but his first responsibility is toward the football program."

We will certainly keep an eye out on any updates/decisions on Elder's basketball status. Sounds like a redshirt is likely.

On Erik Swoope:

"Erik played a great game against Carolina, in fact he's played a a good game for us every time I have used him extensively. Erik is only 6'5 but he plays primarily the 4. He's a great kid, a great leader.  I have to figure out a way to get him more playing time."

On Facing the Seminoles Wednesday Night:

"They are one of the 3 or 4 best defensive teams in the country. If they shoot like they did last night (in defeating Maryland 85-61) they have a chance to win all of their games."

Starting with Devon Bookert's three to open the scoring, the Noles went on a streak where they made 10-11 3s. For the night they made 16-24 (67%).

Miami's match-up zone will need to limit FSU's looks better then Maryland did for the 'Canes to have a shot.

Plus Erik Swoope and Rion Brown from today's presser:

And more from Coach L:

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage as the Hurricanes prepare to take on the Seminoles this Wednesday Night at the BUC, 9PM.