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Here's a map of where all University of Miami players come from

Where do the players that comprised the 2013 Hurricanes hail from?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Much debate has recently surfaced about who and from where Al Golden and staff recruit.

Well fortunately for us, Chief analyst at Mode, Benn Stancil, did the research on where recruits come from for not only UM, but all of the players in the country, by scrubbing ESPN's players data for hometowns, then matching those to counties using Google Maps' API. From there, with a little help from SQL, he put together some county-by-county analysis and came up with a list of football teams ranked by Geographic diversity

As you can see for Miami, South Florida still rules the day with a slight emphasis in the Northeast (NJ).


Based on 107 players shown (current roster + commits), Miami Dade with 17 and Broward with 16, easily lead the way.   Hillsborough County (Tampa area)  and Pam Beach boast 6 a piece.

LA County California supplies 3,  and the NJ/NY area gives UM 9 players.

For comparison check out the rest of the country look like (all D1 Programs):

2013 College Football

And here's Miami's chief rival:

Florida State

And last but not least the ACC:


Be sure to check out Ben's original post if you want to look at other individual schools, conferences, etc.