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Buzz Building as Tip off nears for Canes Vs Duke

The BUC will have celebrities, scouts, and a big time football prospect in the house tonight.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the BUC suddenly became a hot bed for celebrity appearances and big time buzz.

Well just a little over one hour before tip off against Duke, and Miami's home arena again is in the spotlight.

A name football fans hope will be a mainstay in Coral Gables is in the building

Oh yeah those NBA guys, yeah they will be there too.....

Our very own Juan Toribio is on the scene and has informed us that there are plenty of NBA scouts in attendance as well.

Fellow SOTU writer, Scott Salamon was stuck in traffic last we heard. Something Barry Larkin himself will tell you, is this is much more likely to happen on the night of a BIG GAME!!!!

Dickie V will be calling the game for ESPN as well, a sure sign that either Duke is playing, the game is huge, or in this case, both!