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Hurricanes Basketball Scholarship Matrix

A look at Miami's basketball's scholarship availability for this year and future seasons.

Miami will have Davon Reed for 3 more years
Miami will have Davon Reed for 3 more years
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Inspired by Cam's very well done football scholarship Matrix, I present to you the UM Hoops version.

With this season's short-handed squad competing so very hard, there are plenty of reasons for hope for the future. Coach L will have an influx of talent via a very nice recruiting class, the experience this year's young players are gaining, and some big time transfers.

Hopefully the below will help in discussion/conversations about recruiting needs and more.

With out further ado, I present to you the matrix (unofficial):

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 Rion Brown SR/G James Kelly SR/F Tonye Jekiri SR/C Davon Reed SR/G
2 Garrius Adams SR/G Tonye Jekiri JR/C Angel Rodriguez SR/G Manu LeComte SR/G
3 Erik Swoope SR/F Angel Rodriguez JR/G Sheldon McClellan SR/G Deandre Burnett JR/G
4 Raphael Akpejori SR/C Sheldon McClellan JR/G Ivan Cruz Uceda SR/C James Palmer JR/G
5 Justin Heller SR/G

Ivan Cruz Uceda JR/C ***
Davon Reed JR/G JaQuan Newton JR/G
6 Donnavan Kirk SR/F Davon Reed SO/G Manu LeComte JR/G Omar Sherman JR/F
7 James Kelly JR/F Manu LeComte SO/G James Palmer SO/G Empty
8 Tonye Jekiri SO/C James Palmer FR/G JaQuan Newton SO/G Empty
9 Angel Rodriguez SO/G* JaQuan Newton FR/G Deandre Burnett SO/G Empty
10 Sheldon McClellan SO/G* Omar Sherman FR/F Omar Sherman SO/F Empty
11 Manu LeComte FR/G Deandre Burnett FR/G** Empty Empty
12 Davon Reed FR/G Empty Empty Empty
13 Deandre Burnett FR/G** NCAA reduction NCAA reduction NCAA reduction


* denotes sitting out for transfer season

** denotes medical redshirt season

*** JUCO transfer

  • Not listed in the table is G Corn Elder, who is sitting out this season with injury. Elder's scholarship only counts against the football numbers. Elder would be a RS FR in basketball, starting next season.