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What's the 411 on Al? Only Golden really knows

Wild speculation in both directions continued today, but with all the uncertainly Al Golden might be the only one who truly knows his intentions.

Scott Cunningham

So the day started out with some promising news that Al Golden would be appearing on the Joe Rose show Monday morning.

Our very own Charlie Strauzer confirmed the news with Miami SID Chris Yandle.

Like others, I speculated that this was a good sign for the 'Canes retaining AG. Ever since Lebron James made a spectacle out of the decision, prevailing wisdom dictates this type of appearance usually indicates staying.

But as our own Larry "The Amigo" Milian (who has more than a little experience in how sports radio works) pointed out, the appearance might have been scheduled months in advance.

And then there was this:

Which of course fueled rumors that Golden had one foot out the door.

Because who goes off the radar when they plan to stay?? So what do we really know?

Simply put, nothing!

Only Al really knows, or perhaps and more likely he is still deciding.

I leave you with optimism.

This from top recruit Braxton Berrios:

Some of us sure hope he is right!!

Stay tuned folks.