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The AG Saga continues....

For UM fans, the waiting is the hardest part.

Is he waving goodbye, or telling us to hold off on speculation??
Is he waving goodbye, or telling us to hold off on speculation??
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

As the Al Golden watch turns, a saga that will soon rival "Dallas" in drama and longevity, checks in on Sunday with very little new information.

The faction that hopes he stays got a boost from the Herald report that AD Blake James was in regular contact with AG, and expected him to continue on as UM Head Coach.

Donna Shalala herself even reported back to the Herald that, "We don’t know anything yet.’’

This morning however, the rising smokestacks of speculation that he had one foot out the door provided us with this little gem (AG's brother's most recent twitter follows):

Hmmmmmm..... If Golden does want the job, he potentially just got a little more competition.

Munchak, like Golden, is a former PSU player.

It's never too early to speculate on who might replace Golden, when/if he departs. A familiar/popular name threw himself into the mix (sort of):

But prevailing wisdom suggests that he would very much be interested if the position opens.

The only question would be if UM wanted him back?

So here we stand, Sunday morning. Nothing new and 'Canes must continue to sing Tom Petty:

Hang in there folks and Happy Sunday everyone!

We'll keep digging and provide a concrete update whenever possible.

Update: Golden set to meet with the media 12:30 Monday. Still has 6:30 AM on WQAM as well. Answers likely to come on either/both appearances!!